On The Road To Mandalay

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Does anyone really believe that politicians who are in the process of smearing another politician (in this case Hillary because she might run for President) really give a damn about those people who got killed in some North African stink hole? I doubt it.

Of course the righteous right media is sucking this incident dry, just like the hefty left media used the 1983 Beirut, Lebanon Barracks Bombings (where 220 U.S. Marines plus other Americans were wiped out by a bunch of religious fanatic suicide bombers) as a major propaganda surge. This was under the watch of Saint Ronald Reagan.

Who remembers the Lebanon debacle today? Most Americans can't even remember what happened last week in the world. In fact most Americans probably could not even point out Libya on a map, much less the location of some armpit place called Benghazi. Historians will remember the place from the World War II North African Theater of War.

In the end, the dead will be forgotten except by the families, and the media and the politicians will move on to other (soon to be forgotten) scandals. In the process, everything will be twisted around, and bent out of shape to fit some stinking ideological agenda. And of course the dead don't realize they are being used as pawns.

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