Rohde & Schwarz presents network operator solution for entire ISDB-T B transmission chain

Munich, Apr 16, 2014 - Rohde & Schwarz presents its ISDB-TB encoding and multiplexing products. These products enhance the company's transmitter and T&M equipment portfolio, which has supported the Latin American standard for many years.

Rohde & Schwarz now offers ISDB-TB network operators a complete single-source equipment suite for setting up transmission chains. Together, the R&S AVHE100 headend and the R&S AVG050 remultiplexer with integrated BTS compressor/decompressor provide a compact solution for encoding and multiplexing in ISDB-TB networks.

The R&S AVHE100 encodes and multiplexes programs’ video and audio signals in line with the ISDB-TB standard. Other optional functions include encryption, monitoring and an innovative redundancy system (R&S CrossFlowIP). The output data stream is DVB-compliant and can be fed directly to transmitter locations via satellite. A downstream R&S AVG050 remultiplexer can be used to convert this data stream into a compressed or uncompressed broadcast transport stream (BTS), which is forwarded to transmitter locations via satellite or terrestrial networks. Transmitting the signal via DVB-S2 or compressed BTS saves network operators transponder bandwidth. It is also possible to receive programs direct-to-home without any additional technical effort.

The space-saving R&S AVG050, which is installed at the transmitter location, handles various tasks in a single box. Its integrated DVB-S receiver allows it to receive and demodulate a satellite’s MPEG-2 input transport streams and generate a BTS. The gateway can also convert transport streams fed in via IP or ASI into a BTS. For decrypting encrypted content, the R&S AVG050 features two common interface (CI) slots for conditional access (CA) modules or an integrated BISS decoder, enabling it to simultaneously support various encryption methods.

Local programs can also be fed into the R&S AVG050 at the transmitter location. The remultiplexer uses selected input signals to generate a BTS with the appropriate modulation parameters for the ISDB-TB transmitter. The R&S AVG050 features a built-in redundancy switch that automatically diverts input signals to a redundant path in the event of a fault to ensure especially high fail-safety.

The very compact R&S AVG050 is only half the width of a 19-inch rack and consumes very little power, making it an ideal enhancement for ISDB-TB terrestrial transmitters.

All Rohde & Schwarz ISDB-TB transmitting equipment features a clearly organized user interface for intuitive configuration and monitoring. All commands used for automatic monitoring and device settings can also be configured via an SNMP interface.

The R&S AVHE100 headend and the R&S AVG050 remultiplexer are now available from Rohde & Schwarz. The R&S AVG050 is offered in various models with different performance levels.




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