Rush Transcript: Governor Cuomo Appears on NY1 to Discuss Severe Weather

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Rush Transcript: Governor Cuomo Appears on NY1...

Earlier today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo appeared on NY1 to discuss severe weather.


A rush transcript is below.


Pat Kiernan: On the line responsible for the MTA, Governor, thank you. In the past you have made a decision the scale back service on the MTA. It is to the extent possible business as usual. 


Governor Cuomo: Pat, good morning to you. Well I wouldn't call it business as usual. We didn't curtail service, but New Yorkers are savvy in common sense and you look at what is going on, you have to expect a very rough day, right? It is a combination of snow and wind and frigid temperatures. That is a bad mix. I have been driving around myself this morning. Look at the conditions, they are terrible and only going to deteriorate further through the day. The wind is going to pick up and there's no doubt there is delays on mass transit, and the roads are going to be in poor condition. They're forecasting three to six inches in the city. The forecast up to 12 inches on long long, six to nine in Westchester. The roads in Westchester are bad. Roads on the Island bad, and it's only going to get worse. So schools are closed. If you don't have to be on the roads, you really shouldn't be, because it is going to be ugly. 


Pat Kiernan: Governor, how do we balance? This is a cold weather state. How do we balance the need to keeping the economy moving, the businesses are open today. It is tough to tell people not to go outside when they have to go outside. 


Governor Cuomo: Right. So what we say is, we're smart people. We have common sense. If you have to show up for work, then you do, but it is going to be an ugly, difficult commute, and you should expect that. If it's a situation where you don't have to do it today, you don't have to return your Christmas gifts today, then don't do it. If you're Pat Kiernan and if you have to show up because you're vital to the pulse of the city, then you do it. But it's going to be an ugly, long commute. The trains, there's no mystery there, you have tracks, you have switches. Buses have tires that you put on chains, but that doesn't mean you are not going to have to have delays. So it's just a little common sense. I know in New York we're invincible but we're not invincible. We have prepared. We store trains underground. We have heaters on switches. We brought down hundreds of extra snowplows from upstate New York to help the metropolitan area. We're spreading salts, but weather is  a particularly bad combination, Pat. It is not just snow. It is cold and wind and frigid temperatures, and when you have a whiteout condition, I don't care how well you are prepared. If you can't see ten feet in front of you, you have a problem. 


Pat Kiernan: Governor Cuomo, good common sense advice for New Yorkers. Thank you for joining us this morning and keeping us updated. Governor Andrew Cuomo, at 8:10 on this snowy Thursday morning. 

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