Safe and Accurate Prenatal Test for Down’s Syndrome, now in Bengaluru

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A new revolutionary technology called NACE (Non-invasive Analysis for Chromosomal Examination) with more accuracy as compared to 1st trimester screening has been introduced in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, Karnataka, February 25, 2014 -(PressReleasePoint)- A new revolutionary technology called NACE (Non-invasive Analysis for Chromosomal Examination) with more accuracy as compared to 1st trimester screening has been introduced in Bengaluru, which can accurately detect chromosomally linked diseases like Down’s syndrome with a simple blood test. It can precisely tell a pregnant mother, as early as three months into her pregnancy, whether her child suffers from Down's syndrome.

Currently, tests such as amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) are widely used to detect any chromosomal abnormality but these tests are invasive and carry a high risk resulting in a miscarriage. Iviomics, a pioneer in reproductive genetic services with its broad experience and qualifications is offering this technique to various hospitals and clinics in India.

The NACE test is performed on the cell free fetal DNA, which is extracted from the mother’s blood via a simple blood draw, hence posing zero risk to the baby and to the mother. It is done from the 10th week to the 16th week of pregnancy, giving enough time for the woman to be counseled accordingly.

Explains Dr Prathima Radhakrishna, Director, Bangalore Fetal Medicine Center, Bengaluru “NACE test has a 99.9% specificity of either confirming or ruling out genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome. Incase NACE confirms the possibility of a genetic disorder; invasive amniocentesis can be done to validate the results. The main advantage of using NACE is that it is non-invasive and it poses near zero risk to fetus and has no risk of abortion. This test is especially suitable for women with a high risk of chromosomal abnormalities after the 1st trimester screening or who have had a previous pregnancy resulting in Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome, Patau’s syndrome or sex linked abnormalities.”

Every year approximately 23,000 to 29,000 children are born with Down’s syndrome in India, which is highest in the world. Around 85 to 90 per cent of such cases can be detected if pregnant mothers opt for genetic screening.

According to Dr Pere Mir, Medical Director of Iviomics India, “NACE is a revolutionary screening test offering a highly accurate analysis by using the latest next-generation sequencing technology.  The introduction of this test in gynaecological and IVF procedures has been really appreciated by patients in USA and Europe. This simple and safe analysis averts the risk of fetal loss present in amniocentesis procedure, hence available for every pregnant woman.

The test offers much lower chances of inaccurate test reporting (false positive index of <0.1% for Down syndrome) as compared to standard screening methods. It gives precise information about the risk of most frequent fetal chromosomal abnormalities during the 1st trimester in a single screening than triple screening performed currently.

“The NACE test promises a new era in prenatal screening that will be available not only to those at high risk of having a Down’s baby, but routinely used to reassure all pregnant women. Safe and early diagnosis can help families in their physical and emotional preparations, as babies with Down’s syndrome are more likely to have complications after birth,” said Dr Revathi S. Rajan, Consultant, Fetomaternal Medicine, Milann-Institute of Reproductive Medicine.

IVIOMICS is the global leader in genetic diagnostics and pioneer in the field of reproductive genetics. IVIOMICS provides services to In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinics and Obstetricians across the world and is renowned for its extensive experience in molecular genetic diagnostics. IVIOMICS currently performs the highest number of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnostic (including PGD and PGS) procedures in Europe.

Services offered include PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) for chromosomal abnormalities, PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) for single gene diseases, ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) for identification of personalized window of implantation, NACE (Non-invasive Analysis for Chromosomal Examination) for non-invasive prenatal assessment of chromosomal abnormalities in fetus, and POC (Products of Conception analysis by array CGH) for finding the etiology of unexplained abortions. IVIMOICS also offers experienced genetic counseling through phone consultations.

All IVIOMICS services are available and can be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lab’s international branches are located in New Delhi (India), Los Angeles and Miami (USA) and Milan (Italy) with headquarters situated in Valencia (Spain)

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