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Vibrant Life now offers the ability to purchase in bulk at a discounted price.

Lake View Terrace, CA, March 12, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Vibrant Life now offers the ability to purchase in bulk at a discounted price.

This can save customers a lot of money in the long term, especially for those who purchase Vibrant Life’s products every month or so.

Clifford Woods, Executive Director at Vibrant Life, has stated that these bulk discounts are now possible thanks to the consistent rise in customers over the years. Today Vibrant Life is more popular than ever before which is no surprise to most due to the high standards the company has for its products.

Products with Bulk Discounts
Every single product on Vibrant Life’s website now features a discounted price if order in bulk.

There are different discounts to choose from based on the number purchased. The amounts are laid out on the site so that customers can see just how much they are saving by buying in bulk.

Listed below is a little bit of information about Vibrant Life’s products to help readers understand why the company’s merchandise is so popular and the value they will get by ordering more for less.

All of the following products qualify for discounted prices which can be found right on Vibrant Life’s home page at

Product #1: Life Glow Basic
Life Glow Basic is regarded as the basic and least costly health supplement formula available on the market as it is made up of only four components. It is purposely designed this way and should be taken alongside another vitamin.

Product #2: Life Glow Plus
Life Glow Plus is the most popular health supplement formula developed by Vibrant Life. This product offers the minerals and vitamins in a well-balanced formula.

Product #3: Super Life Glow
Super Life Glow is the better vitamin supplement formula and consists of huge amounts of nutrients, in excess of sixty. In comparison to the two products above, Super Life Glow has greater levels of several ingredients and also included many extra nutrients that are very expensive to acquire.

Product #4: Organic Sulfur (MSM) 500mg Capsules - Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, or MSM, appears whenever it rains in the form of organic sulfur. It is passed from the rain to the plants we eat. Organic sulfur is an essential nutrient for healthy nails, skin, and hair.

Product #5: Taheebo Life Tea
Taheebo, Pau D’ Arco, and Ipe Roxa are all terms for the leaves found in South America. It is typically sold in the form of tea or 500mg capsules. This product is used to improve general health and has been said to alleviate symptoms caused by several different medical conditions.

Product #6: Bone Dense Calcium
This supplement consists of microcrystalline hydroxy apatite, which is the only kind of calcium found to add more bone mass to the human body. The sort of calcium is used in this product and may be able to help reverse bone loss.

Product #7: Clark’s Minerals
T. J. Clark Colloidal Minerals are produced from plant-based minerals specially formulated to balance the body’s need for real minerals. This original liquid mineral arises from a solitary source in which vegetation, from millions of years back, had been covered with dirt due to cataclysmic earthquakes.

To discover more about Vibrant Life’s products and discounted prices, visit their website at

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