Savvy​​ Beauty Brand​ Partners​ With​ Celebrity ​Esthetician ​Joanna​ Czech​ on Skin-Saving​ Sleep Mask

Thanks​ ​to​ an​ exciting​ new​​ partnership​ with​​ celebrity esthetician​​ Joanna​ ​Czech,​​ Savvy​ Sleepers​ has​ ​released​ a limited​ edition​ pure​ silk​ eye​ mask just​ in​ time​ for​ the​​ holidays.​

Dallas,​ TX,​ ​December​ ​06,​ ​2017 -(PressReleasePoint)- Thanks​ ​to​ an​ exciting​ new​​ partnership​ with​​ celebrity esthetician​​ Joanna​ ​Czech,​​ Savvy​ Sleepers​ has​ ​released​ a limited​ edition​ pure​ silk​ eye​ mask just​ in​ time​ for​ the​​ holidays.​ "The​ Joanna​​ Czech​ X Savvy​ Sleepers​ 100%​ ​Pure​ Silk​ Eye​ ​Mask soothes​ and​ protects​ ​sensitive​ skin​ and​ lashes​ while​ you​ sleep,​ like​ a ​nightly​ spa​​ treatment​ for your​ eyes."

The​ Joanna​ Czech​​ X Savvy​ Sleepers​ 100%​ Pure​ Silk​ Eye​ Mask​ is​ made​ from​ the​ highest quality​ 22-momme​ top​ grade​​ pure​ silk​ fibres,​ ​resulting​ in​ an​ unbelievably​ soft​ and​ smooth finished​ product. The​ unique​ design,​ including​ a ​silk-wrapped​ elastic​ band,​ is​ a​ collaboration with​ Czech,​ whose​ skincare​ clients​ include​ Anna​ Wintour,​ Christy​ Turlington​ Burns,​ Liam Neeson,​ Uma​ Thurman​ and​ Cate​ Blanchett.

“Beautiful​ skin​ requires​ a ​long-term​ approach,​ and​ you​ have​ to​ treat​ it​ well​ with​ everything​ you do,” Czech​ notes,​ “Treating​ your​ skin​ to​ the​ ​luxury​ of​ an​ eye​ mask​ when​ you​ go​ to​ sleep​ is​ a great​ way​ to​ protect​ and​ preserve​ your​ skin.​ It​ can​ also​ help​ seal​ in​ the​ restorative​ products​ in your​ nighttime​ skincare​ regimen.”

All​ Savvy​ Sleepers​ products​ are​ specially​ designed​ to​ protect​ hair​ and​​ skin.​ The​ all-over​ silk design​ of​ this​ new​ eye​ mask,​ including​ the​ ​band, prevents​ breakage​ and​ soothes​ skin.​ In addition​ to​ protecting​ hair​ and​ skin,​ the​ 100%​ Pure​ Silk​ Eye​ Mask​ is​ perfect​ for​ protecting eyelash​ extensions.​ Pure​ silk​ ​in​ a ​dark​ charcoal​ shade​ ensures​ restful​ and​ restorative​ sleep. “Joanna​ Czech​ is​ a world-renowned​ skincare​ ​expert,​ so​ we​ were​ thrilled​ about​ the​ idea​ ​of collaborating​ on​ a ​product​ with​ her​ and​ sharing​ that​ top-tier​ expertise​ with​ everyone,”​ said​ ​Dale Janée,​ ​founder​ and​ CEO​ of​ Savvy​ Sleepers.“ We​ ended​ up​ beauty​ product​ that​ helps​ us​ sleep better​ and​ protect​ the​ delicate​ skin​ ​around​ our​ eyes.​ It’s​ a win-win.”

The​ Joanna​ Czech​ X Savvy​ Sleepers​ 100%​ ​Pure​ Silk​ Eye​ Mask​ is​ available​ online​ now​ at​​ and​​​ as​ well​ as​ the​ flagship​ location​ in Dallas​ for​ $45.00.

With over 30 years of experience, beginning​ in Poland, and built in​ NY, Joanna Czech has earned a reputation as one of the ​top estheticians in the world. Joanna believes​ that the key​ to the most beautiful skin is a​ long term approach​ that incorporates ​a ​seasonal regimen, relaxation, comfort, and diet rather than short term quick fixes. Her clients​ include Anna Wintour, Cate ​Blanchett,​ ​Kate Winslet, Kyra Sedgwick, Uma Thurman, Liam Neeson and Sting. Her​ work​ has appeared on the covers of Vogue, British ​Vogue, AnOther​ Magazine,​ Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, InStyle, and Hollywood Life​ as​ well advertising campaigns for Dior, ​Givenchy, SKII, and Maybelline.

The ​Savvy brand was founded​ in​ San Francisco, CA in 2012​ by international beauty blogger​ and stylist Dale Janée, and has ​recently​ relocated along with her​ family to Dallas, TX. "Savvy​ represents​ the luxury and style we all​ deserve,​ and our mission at ​Savvy Sleepers is to help you wake up refreshed, by turning your pillow​ into​ a nightly spa treatment for smoother skin and healthy, shiny hair."

Savvy ​Sleepers are​ sold in select​ hair salons and​ spas​ nationwide, and available​ via priority​ shipping at All ​Savvy Sleepers​ are packed in​ a​ luxurious gift box​ complete​ with​ a​ card​ of authenticity, easy​ care​ instructions and pillow mints. Connect​ with Savvy ​Sleepers on social media@SavvySleepers.

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