The seamless canvas: a large video wall with no interrupting bezels

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Traditionally, when you build a video wall, you arrange modules like cubes or LCD panels to form a configuration that allows designers and users to create a pixel area that lets them display much more information than they could on a single video unit.

The drawback to building such a video wall, however, is that each panel is surrounded by its borders, which results in the typical video wall appearance: a large video surface divided up into a grid along the borders of the panels.

Those grid lines (or bezels) interrupt the video wall's expanse of images - which can not only be annoying for certain content, but the optical gaps can actually hide information, or make it hard to read, and limit the full use of the video wall itself. So, in recent years, companies have been trying to make the bezel thinner and thinner to overcome this distracting limitation.

Setting pixels free

But what happens when you make a video wall solution without those interrupting bezels?

OSV video wall

This new generation of products is introducing a whole new world of possibilities. Removing the grid of bezels: 

- Removes the limit on the types of images that can be displayed

- Enhances visual appearance

- Prevents misinterpretation of the data/content

- Makes higher resolution possible

- Allows free use of the pixels

It's a fact that, when a customer buys a video wall, he doesn't always know exactly how he will use it - and, especially, how its use will evolve over time. The seamless video wall can be used in any number of ways, and it's the user who determines the particular usage.

The seamless video wall provides the user with the artistic freedom of a blank canvas: regardless of the type of content, the multi-purpose canvas gives the user a tremendous range of capabilities.

Overview Seamless Video wall (OSV)

So, how do you create such a wall? Technologies that allow the creation of large pixel areas will come from single projectors with higher resolution, smaller bezels - or no seams at all - on the individual units of a video wall (including LED walls), and solutions like Overview Seamless Video wall (OSV), which Barco will announce at this year's ISE (4 - 6 February) in Amsterdam.

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