SfN Members Advocate for Funding Today on Capitol Hill

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SfN Members Advocate for Funding Today on Capitol Hill

Today, SfN members are conversing with their members of Congress in Washington, D.C., emphasizing that America thrives through federal investment in research.

As a part of SfN’s 12th annual Capitol Hill Day, more than 60 SfN members, including the recently selected 2018 class of Early Career Policy Ambassadors, are meeting with 90 congressional offices. Advocates are asking policymakers to increase their investment in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) to safeguard the latest neuroscience discoveries and to support robust and consistent investment in biomedical research.

Robust and consistent investment means Congress must:

  • Finalize the FY18 budget and invest an additional $2 billion in NIH, totaling $36.1 billion.
  • Invest an additional $2 billion in FY19, totaling $38.1 billion.
  • Fund NSF at $8 billion in FY18 and $8.45 billion in FY19.

What you can do from home:

  • Join the @SfNTweets by recording a 20-second video about your federally funded research. Be sure to tag your members of Congress and use #SfNHillDay, #NeuroAdvocate, #FundScience, and hashtags related to your research (e.g., #Alzheimers, #PTSD, #addiction) to connect with a broad audience.
  • Contact Congress now to tell them to finish the FY18 budget.

You can also sign up for the Advocacy Network Newsletter to stay informed of the latest opportunities.

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