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The SAT exam is a substantial element of the college application process for those that are working towards studying in the United States. The right kind of SAT preparation can enhance one's chances of being admitted to his or her target universities. Honour Roll Academics is a specialized tutoring agency in Mumbai that has been established by an American expat that has a degree from an Ivy League university, and offers intensive SAT courses that have helped a number of students boost their scores.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India., January 1, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - When the founder of Honour Roll Academics, Nina Merchant, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and moved to Mumbai to build a career, she never planned to pursue a career in education. She found, however, that good tutors were scarce in Mumbai, and, as a result, students were not always getting the support that they required to successfully achieve their academic and professional goals.

Ms. Merchant was born and raised in Long Island, NY, and was a high achiever in school. She won medals at numerous interscholastic mathematics competitions, such as Mathletes and Math Olympiads. At the age of 13, she was identified as a talented youth by Johns Hopkins University. For this distinction, she had to take the SAT - the scholastic aptitude test that is an integral standardised test for college admissions in the United States - at the age of 12 instead of 16 (the usual age at which the test is taken). This means that, while nearly all of the other students taking the test on the same date as her would have already learned much of the test content in their classes at school, Merchant needed to learn several years of the academic curriculum at home over the course of two months.

When asked how she managed to accomplish this feat, Merchant responded with a smile, "My Mom tutored me and, while she had the IQ of a genius, she was an excellent teacher because she was able to dissect the information she needed to impart into easy, logical steps. Many of these techniques are unfortunately not taught in the SAT books and in other SAT preparatory classes. When I realized this, and saw some of my private students struggling with basic concepts, I decided to launch SAT classes so that I could share these tools and techniques with students on a broader scale."

Merchant believes that using her tools and techniques, and practicing in a structured, rigorous way, can raise a student's scores significantly. This means opening up access to a higher tier of universities in the United States."I saw a need in the market, and decided to use my unique skills and abilities to meet that need," Merchant states, when asked what inspired an Ivy League alumnus to switch careers from media to education.

Merchant, who published her first book last year, recognises that the Writing section of the SAT poses a challenge for many students because of the time constraint, which allows a very tight window for students to think and plan their essays. As part of her SAT curriculum, she ensures that students are equipped to deliver a high-scoring essay quickly and effectively using simple tools and the right preparation.

Honour Roll Academics is a specialized tutoring & academic counseling entity established in Mumbai by an American expat with an Ivy League education from the University of Pennsylvania. Honour Roll Academics offers SAT classes over 12 weeks in small groups to afford each student adequate personalized instruction. The next SAT test date (after January) is 3rd May, 2014.

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