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In today’s recession, one of the most successful industries that are offering highly competitive returns to investors is the film industry. One genre that is out performing most is Documentaries.

London, England, October 20, 2014 -(PressReleasePoint)- In today’s recession, one of the most successful industries that are offering highly competitive returns to investors is the film industry. One genre that is out performing most is Documentaries. Documentaries are being made on a regular basis on a wide array of topics and people continue to invest in them to receive handsome returns. However, this is an incredibly difficult market to move into, think about it, what directors are to be approach, it won't be good to go up and invest in just any documentary. How it can be found who needs funding for their idea, how to meet the director and learn the plot? Assistance is needed in order to get in touch with the right people and that’s where The Media Development Lounge shine.

Based in Marbella and London, The Media Development Lounge represents studios that are looking for investors to assist in raising the budgets for well know film makers. They are aware of the latest and lucrative movie and documentary projects that can offer above average returns to individuals in a period as short as 12 to 18 months. The agency has plans of expanding its operations to New Orleans as some of the documentaries their team have worked on focus music, namely the blues. Moreover, the Media Development Lounge is quickly earning a good reputation as the go to company for investments in documentaries and british film.

There are a number of features that make the agency one of the best platforms when thinking of investing in the film industry. First off, they don’t handle the funds of their clients at all. The money is directly sent by the investors to the film studio represented by The Media Development Lounge. Secondly, the agency doesn’t represent just any film studio. They have a very strict criteria that has to be met by the film studio, which includes them having a record of making profitable and successful movies, a recognised name or brand in the film industry and an in-house or independent Sales team. In simple terms, they will not represent a studio unless they have a history of selling profitable films.

As far as the area of documentaries is concerned, they work with a highly successful director who is in his 17th year of documentary making and has always recouped on all of his work. Can there be a fund manager that had never lost money in 17 years, people would be clambering over each other to be involved with his funds.

A refreshing element about the The Media Development Lounge is that they will not hassle anyone with sales pitches. They only offer clear cut information about options available for film industry investment. No one is coerced into making the wrong decision. Apart from that, the services of this agency can be used by anyone interested in investing because they don’t ask their clients to make investments of considerable amounts. They also have projects and documentaries that need a small budget so everyone can participate, and a smaller budget is easier to recoup, so it’s less risky than a big budget movie.

People will also be able to reap numerous tax benefits when working with this agency because they offer EIS and SEIS which results in big tax benefits for UK tax payers. Clients can meet with the directors of the movie or documentary so they can clear their doubts and satisfy their queries. Clients will also receive invitations to premiers and film markets and festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival.

Finally, The investors are the first ones to be paid. All funds that arrive from the sale of the film firstly go to the investor until their initial investment is paid back. After that, all funds are split equally between the investor and the film maker. Everything is transparent.

The Media Development Lounge do all of the hard work and deliver clear information outlining how everything works and they bring a fresh, vibrant and non-sales feel to investing in film.

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