Smiling Taufik and The Friendly Village

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Taufik with parents who are really supports him to make his dream comes true

Since Mohamad Taufik, 18, was in junior high school, he has joined activities in Joyful Learning Development (JLD). The JLD’s activities are supported by Wahana Visi Indonesia, special partner of World Vision Indonesia. These children and youth group has a great contribution in creating Pegirian as child-friendly village.

“While I was young, I want to get experience. I don’t want to get negative influence from the bad environment like my older brother,” Taufik says.

He tells that his older brother was sent to jail twice because was involved in the wrong doing action with his friends. His older brother left school when he was in the class 9. He only hangs around every day and sometime gets his money by working as a singing beggar with his friends.

Taufik and other youths in the JLD routinely give extra lessons to children attending study groups in Pegirian village, in urban Surabaya, allowing them to be in a positive environment.

Taufik often gives advice to the children how to behave and make friends. “If you want to maintain friendship, do not quarrel each other,” he says.

Besides holding routine activities in study group, JLD also proposed the idea to celebrate National Children Day, a yearly event. During the Children Day Celebration, the JLD usually holds several activities, like a competition to create creative cheers, washing hands with soap to familiarize healthy lifestyle, and planting plants to encourage children to love environment.

The 2013 theme for the National Children Day is “Children Voice for Pegirian Clean and Green.” As children play a significant role in the celebration of National Children Day, Taufik says children could be change agents for the community.

Pegirian village has been declared as a child-friendly village. A child-friendly village has a clean, healthy cool and calm environment; no smoking; no child abuse; children can freely express their opinion and get attention; no mockery among children; parents support children to study; no free social intercourse; village with excellent thinker; parents pay attention to children; and the government supports child-friendly village.

It is not easy to realize that dream, but improvements like cleaner environment and the establishment of children study group have occurred in the village.

Taufik, who has just graduated from senior high school, dreams that he could continue his study in state university in Surabaya. He wants to be his family proud by increasing his family social status.

“I have worked so hard to send you to school, I am sure you want to reach success,” says Taufik’s mother, Markamah.

“Recently he says that he will go to Jakarta by plane,” says Sunari, expressing his gratitude as Wahana Visi Indonesia facilitates his son to join a national young leader forum held in the capital of the country.

Markamah is the primary source of family income, as her husband suffers from asthma and cannot work too hard. Markamah sells pecel, a salad made of blanched vegetables served peanut sauce. (IDNO/BM)

News Source : Smiling Taufik and The Friendly Village

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