SpaceClaim Launches Breakthrough 3D Mechanical Design TechnologySpaceClaim Launches Breakthrough 3D Mechanical Design Technology

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3/13/2007 12:00:00 AM

SpaceClaim Professional 2007 Fuels Engineering Productivity with Modern, Open 3D

SpaceClaim Professional 2007 Fuels Engineering Productivity with Modern, Open 3D

CONCORD, MA - 14 March 2007— SpaceClaim Corporation today announced the launch of its flagship product, SpaceClaim Professional 2007. Recognizing that the benefits of 3D mechanical design remain out of reach for most who contribute directly to product development, SpaceClaim Corp. makes 3D modeling accessible through a highly flexible design environment coupled with a modern user experience. With SpaceClaim Professional 2007, engineers retain focus on their core competencies while benefiting from a powerful 3D modeler that speeds their contributions to the product development process. SpaceClaim distinguishes itself further with an open data format that ensures full and continued access to product definition.

"SpaceClaim Professional 2007 finally puts usable 3D at the fingertips of engineers. This allows them to easily contribute more complete and accurate input earlier in the product lifecycle, when it is most cost-effective," said Mike Payne, SpaceClaim CEO, and previously a co-founder of PTC® and SolidWorks®. "SpaceClaim Professional 2007 breaks new ground by providing a modern, user-focused 3D mechanical design experience for engineering professionals who work with the design team to bring higher quality products to market faster. Through a select number of intelligent tools, SpaceClaim frees users to focus on their design contributions rather than struggling with how to use 3D software."

SpaceClaim bridges the gap between designers and those in the extended product development team—such as suppliers, manufacturing engineers, analysis engineers, and engineering management—who lack access or time to master the designers’ 3D CAD system. To date, the benefits of 3D have remained concentrated in the hands of dedicated CAD specialists. As a result, the people who contribute to design conceptualization, review, analysis, and manufacturing communicate with the design team through insufficient view-only file formats or, even, paper.

With SpaceClaim the extended team can work directly with the 3D model to fully investigate the impact of each idea and validate the geometry of change requests before sharing them with the design team. This improves the quality of each design iteration and frees the CAD specialist to work with only valid requests, resulting in higher quality products and shorter time to market.

SpaceClaim Professional 2007 fits into the existing workflow of product development by enabling users to import and work with models created in many CAD systems. Additionally, SpaceClaim’s open XML data format ensures that its customers, rather than the software vendor, retain ownership of and access to their product data.

SpaceClaim Professional 2007

SpaceClaim Professional 2007 provides robust 3D modeling capabilities, using a select number of intelligent tools, in a unified part and assembly workspace.  SpaceClaim Professional 2007 key features and benefits include:


  • Flexible Modelingtechnology provides a highly-adaptive design environment that supports unanticipated design directions, making SpaceClaim ideal for conceptual engineering, design creation, and modification.
  • Geometric Inferencingworks unobtrusively and in real time to highlight design similarities, such as equal radius holes or coplanar surfaces, to aid the user during geometry creation and modification.
  • Integrated Workspacefor parts and assemblies supports top-down design by enabling users to split and merge components and to alter assembly structure as needed.
  • Open XMLdata format makes all design data accessible for product data and lifecycle management, ensuring long-term protection of customer data.

User Interface Advancements

  • SmartTools™understand the user’s modeling intent simply by recognizing what geometry is selected and in what context. By determining what operation to perform without excessive drop-down menus, dialogue boxes, and user clicks, SpaceClaim dramatically improves users’ productivity.
  • Hintsare a unique user interface advancement that automatically presents design considerations, such as maintaining same size holes or wall thickness, in the form of localized 'snaps'. Hints eliminate the need for the user to enter specific dimensions or interrogate the model before changing or adding geometry.
  • Power Selectenables users to search the model for like geometry and to select as a group from the resulting list in order to modify, move, or delete all at once. Given the frequency with which users perform select operations, this streamlined selection process greatly improves personal productivity and overall design efficiency.
  • Modern GUIbased on the latest Microsoft® technology enables users to focus on working with the design, rather than on working with the software.

Main Tools

  • Sketchenvironment lets users sketch to exact dimensions or create a rough layout for future modification. Sketching entities include lines, arcs, and splines. Sketching tools include trim, offset, and project to sketch. Sketches remain free of constraints, which makes the resulting 3D geometry completely flexible.
  • Pull Toolcreates and modifies geometry with a simple action. Users can pull a surface to create an extrusion, pocket, or hole. Users can also pull a surface to rotate it around an axis or to create a blend by pulling the surface through different sections. Pulling a profile along a path creates a sweep, and pulling an edge creates a round or chamfer.
  • Move Toolspeeds the process of moving or copying geometry in a design by providing a 3D handle to reference how geometry should be located along a specified direction or rotated about an anchor point. SpaceClaim also supports familiar Microsoft Cut and Paste commands to move and copy geometry.
  • Section Toolprovides a way to modify a 3D model by directly changing section geometry located anywhere within the design. This intuitive operation is familiar to those used to working in 2D.
  • Associative Drawing environment enables design changes, as well as geometry creation and modification, from within drawing views. The drawing environment provides a familiar work space for those accustomed to working in 2D. Drawings support annotations, including geometric dimensioning and tolerances, to JIS, ISO, and ANSI® standards.

Mark-up and Data Exchange Capabilities

  • 3D Mark-updocuments design changes using mark-up dimensions that automatically indicate both previous and current dimensional values.
  • Comparefunction overlays the original model on the changed model and automatically displays all differences in color-coded highlights.
  • Industry Standard Outputof 3D mark-ups is available in MS PowerPoint® and XPS™.   
  • Data Import: CATIA® V5 and V4, NX®, Pro/ENGINEER®, SolidWorks®, Inventor®, ACIS®, Parasolid®, IGES, STEP, DWG, DXF, and VDA.
  • Data Export: CATIA V5 and V4, ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, DWG, DWG, DXF, and VDA.

SpaceClaim Professional 2007 will be released on 30 March 2007 and will be available for license at a price of $125 per month, per user, based on a 3-year term. A 1-year term is also available, and both terms include full support and updates. The SpaceClaim product line includes: SpaceClaim Professional 2007 with complimentary Home Edition, and a free SpaceClaim Viewer. In addition, SpaceClaim offers a Data Exchange product for translators beyond the industry standards and a product that supports CATIA V5 data exchange. SpaceClaim also offers a library of standard parts. For more information regarding sales and support, please

SpaceClaim is a privately held company targeting the mechanical design market. SpaceClaim provides breakthrough technology that enhances engineers’ productivity by empowering them to contribute to, consume, and share mechanical designs in a 3D digital form. SpaceClaim has assembled a world-class team of prominent executives, product developers, board members, and advisors with unrivaled experience in bringing new computer-aided design software to market. Founded in September 2005, SpaceClaim is backed by Borealis Ventures, Kodiak Venture Partners, and North Bridge Venture Partners. For more information,

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