Stendhal Gallery Announces Mr. Fluxus: An Anthology of Essays, Anti-Film, Documents, Architecture, and Ephemeral Objects

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Stendhal Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition of Mr. Fluxus: An Anthology of Essays, Anti-Film, Documents, Architecture, and Ephemeral Objects, September 16 - October 16, 2010, Chelsea, New York

New York, NY, September 14, 2010 (PressReleasePoint) -- Mr. Fluxus (George Maciunas), was a Master Architect, Art Historian, and Utopian Urban Planner. In the early 1960’s, he formed a circle of artists and an attitude called Fluxus. Described, “as the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties,” Fluxus continues to exert considerable influence on contemporary thought and creative production, by questioning timeworn notions of authorship and value.


Maciunas’ focus shifted from architecture to avant-garde art. He designed publications and organized festivals that promoted American, European and Asian experimental artists such as Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik and Yoko Ono. Drawing from such musical influences as John Cage and La Monte Young, Maciunas designed the publication, “An Anthology,” containing the blueprint for concerts, performances and publications that followed until he passed away in 1978.

Conceived in 1961 and published in 1963, ”An Anthology” contained works by John Cage, George Brecht, Yoko Ono, Jackson Mac Low, Dick Higgins, Ray Johnson, Nam June Paik, Diter Rot, and many other artists. The design concept of “An Anthology” was so groundbreaking that it revolutionized and influenced the magazine industry, as well as the course of art in the second half of the century, and continues to impact contemporary art.His visionary ideals led to the conception and realization of Fluxhouse Co-operatives in Soho, New York, transforming the industrial district into a thriving creative community.

The exhibition also explores the tale of Ginger Island, one of the more fanciful and storied communal architectural adventures involving Maciunas and his quest for a tropical island get-away for cultural entrepreneurs.

Mr. Fluxus believed that art should be “obtainable by all and eventually produced by all.” The numerous charts, diagrams, and documents publicly exhibited by Stendhal Gallery, are of growing interest to an increased number of artists and scholars who are eager to learn more about the cultural entrepreneur who greatly influenced the history of art in the latter twentieth century.

Opening Reception: September 16, 6-8pm

This exhibition has been produced and organized by Harry Stendhal and sponsored by George Maciunas Foundation Inc. a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-for-profit arts organization.
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