Study: Is It Healthy To Sleep With Pets Such As Dogs

A realistic look at the health and safety concerns that pet owners face. An age old question, Is it healthy to sleep with your dog? Answered and analyzed by a self admitted dog lover.

San Antonio, Texas, April 04, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -  Many pet owners are guilty of allowing their pets to sleep in their beds. The statistics speak for themselves. A recent study by the Center for Disease Control Prevention has determined that 15 to 65 percent of American dog owners sleep with their dogs. It is no surprise that people love to sleep with their pets. Paris Hilton, the famous celebrity, slept with a pig in her bed on an episode of one of her reality shows.  Pets are are actually wonderful companions for people. They provide unconditional love and comfort for all sorts of folks. Interaction with pets raises levels of oxytocin in the brain which creates a feeling of warmth and contentment. Dogs also produce the same oxytocin hormone.  This is actually the same hormone responsible for creating that instant love for a child.  It is a natural instinct as humans too want to share sleeping space with a loveable pet.

Despite the fact that people truly love pets, as rational individuals, we must understand that there are possible health consequences to face for inviting a pet or pets to be a bedmate. As much as people like to consider them children, everyone must realize that they are also dogs. Animals, like dogs, love to run around outside, roll in the mud, chase insects and all sorts of activities that inevitably get them dirty. Unfortunately, they track all the dirt and germs back to the bed. In addition, dogs and cats can carry fleas which when passed to humans may cause diseases such as bubonic plague. Animals also carry other dangerous pathogens that may be dangerous to humans as well.

Now that the pro’s and con’s associated with sharing a bed with a pet is known, individuals must decide if it is really worth it or not. It is also very difficult to break pets from a routine that they are used too. Many people will try to keep the dogs out of the bedroom and fail when they find their pets protesting in some form or another.  Pet owners also do not want to break that night time bond with their favorite dog. Therefore, it is very important to keep furry friends as clean as possible. Bathe pets on a regular basis. Keep their nails short and trimmed.  Brush them regularly and use some form of flea and tick repellent to keep them healthy.

Most dog trainers will agree that is probably best to crate train your dog and let it sleep in it’s crate each night. Dogs feel safe and secure in their crates. It is also a good idea to get one or more dog beds for them to sleep on. is a great place to find different types of dog beds at any budget and quality level. The Zapata-Holliday family keeps their dog’s bed in their bedroom and the dog sleeps on it every night. They keep their house very tidy and the dog is bathed on a regular basis. The dog is also kept off of the furniture and the house remains immaculate.

At the end of the day, everyone must make their own decision. Be aware that their are health consequences to face when people allow their pets to sleep in the same bed. Keep dogs very clean in order to avoid these consequences. Consult with a doctor for more information.   
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