Summer reading: top five of Parliament's most popular articles

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  These five articles proved to be a hit with our readers

The quality of life in Europe today, Ukraine, a photo contest, the composition of the new Parliament and cheaper phone calls were the topics of our most-read articles of the first half of the year on the European Parliament’s website. Check out our links to experience the highlights of the year so far.

1. ReACT Rome: improving the quality of life in Europe

Ahead of the elections, the Parliament organised five events called ReACT throughout Europe on challenges facing the EU. The one in Rome saw experts and ordinary people discussing health, sustainability and food quality.

2. Ukraine: timeline of events

This interactive timeline of events shows all relevant event leading up to today's situation: from the Orange revolution to the signing of the association agreement. 

3. Photography contest: Insert <<your photo>> here!

The Parliament launched a photography contest, which ran from February to June, inviting people to send in photos related to five topics being dealt with by MEPs. The two winners were invited to the new Parliament's first session in Strasbourg in July.

4. Parliament starts its new term with seven political groups

Political groups form an important part of how the Parliament operates. The article describes what conditions need to be met in order to be recognised as a group, who the leaders are and how big the groups are.

5. Connecting the continent: how Parliament could make electronic communication much easier

The article sets out what the telecoms package is all about, ahead of the plenary vote. The package includes proposals to safeguard net neutrality, abolish roaming charges and pave the way for faster mobile internet in Europe.