Supply Chain Predictions for 2014

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January is that time of year for resolutions, but also for predictions. In the supply chain space, IDC does their annual prediction of supply chain strategies for manufacturers. I listened in on their webinar in early January.

Maybe some of the language has changed, but otherwise the trends are not really new.  Is there any value in this insight? Maybe in terms of confirming what companies who are on top of their supply chains already know.

Here is a quick summary of the highlights:

- There will put greater pressure on productivity, and companies as will seek to leverage supply chains to this end

- We will see broader of cloud based tools, especially focusing on execution excellence

- Companies are showing a renewed interest in data management as data can support in demand planning

- We will see greater focus on evaluating supply networks  as companies seek to bring supply closer to demand

- Global Trade will continue to grow, especially in developing markets, where the biggest consumer growth lies.

These are IDC’s Top 10 Predictions:

Prediction #1: Operational resiliency will be the focus of supply chain strategies in 2014 and beyond

Prediction #2: Supply chain technology investment will involve modernizing existing systems while also trying new approaches

Prediction #3: Volatile demand and extending supply will put pressure on supply networks to be closer to demand

Prediction #4: The need to be faster will require manufacturers to explore more deeply integrated supply chain planning and fulfillment functions

Prediction #5: No longer exclusive to consumer industries, manufacturers will look for ways to further develop a “demand orientation” through demand sensing and capture

Prediction #6: Manufacturers will prioritize risk and resilience capabilities, particularly in supply chain monitoring and visibility

Prediction #7: Global trade management will mature as a critical capability in managing growth in emerging markets

Prediction #8: Manufacturers will renew interest in the data management and governance organization in 2014

Prediction #9: In the context of procurement and interest in driving more productive collaboration, B2B commerce networks will become anthropological “dig sites”

Prediction #10: Manufacturers will seek new ways to extract data-driven value, leveraging mobile and cloud for access anywhere, anytime

News Source : Supply Chain Predictions for 2014

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