Television: ADHDtv and Lew Marklin Might Say a Final Goodnight and Farewell

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ADHDtv Host, may be calling it quits, to join the cast of Icon News. Show started independently and achieved highest TV rank for any show of it's kind in history, reports iMDB!

Hollywood, CA, May 31, 2010 (PressReleasePoint) -- Rumors that this could be it, for Lew Marklin’s days as host of late night’s oddest show, may be true. Lew Marklin debuted on ADHDtv in 2007. The show meagerly started on public access TV, in Santa Barbara, California. The show became popular quickly and, within the year, was airing in 26 US Cities. The following year, the cable show continued to grow to some 52 cities in the US, and became increasingly popular on the internet, around the globe, as well. The show competed for a regional Emmy, but was edged out by more traditional, mainstream shows.

According to iMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) stats, ADHDtv: With Lew Marklin reached as high as 12,195 in June of 2009, right behind talk show legend Larry King. “This is an accomplishment that is simply unheard of in the world of independent television. I mean, the next highest rated independent cable show is ranked like 295,0000 and up, nowhere in the neighborhood of network produced shows, like this one did. With a budget of 100,000 dollars per episode, it’s just unheard of,” says Angela Holladay (line producer).

The show has starred a very interesting lineup of unlikely characters and melts late night comedy with news. The cast has included the likes of entertainment reporters, Laurie Welsh, Frank Ramirez, Brad J and Gregory Mantell, Actors, David Spates and Drew Kaufman, Actresses, Lori Soleil and Angie Kai and photo model Alexa Demara (Maxim, FHM) and has showcased some of Hollywood’s biggest talents including Louis Gossett Jr., Anne Hathaway, Akon, Roma Mafia, Alan Cumming, Neve Campbell, Donna Mills, David Zayas, Faran Tahir, Joanna Krupa, Khloe Kardashian and many, many more.

The show has been signed to Tsunami Productions, repped by Melissa McComas, TV agent, who is reworking the show to find it a new home, possibly on the Dish Network, sometime in 2010. “At 100,000 bucks an episode, we couldn’t cut anymore corners and we just ran out of money for our budget,” says Mash, who created the show and footed the bill for over three years, getting little help from sponsors or investors, “I love to create the show, have loved working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and especially love the viewers reactions, but I ran out of gas and had to just put it in the agency’s hands and see what Melissa and her staff, over at Tsunami, can do with it, at this point. I would love to keep doing the show, but if it does not work out, we will all just have to move on to newer, bigger things.”

Lewis Marklin Mash (a.k.a. Lew Marklin) was co-executive producer on Ultimate Women Challenge, with former partner, Lyle Howry, last year, helping the show to find it’s home on NBC and has been learning the ropes of the cookie-cutter-process protocol of Hollywood very quickly, with both sleeves rolled up. Ultimate Women Challenge is now filming at, world famous, Gracie Gym in Miami Florida. Now Mash is producing a new reality TV show called My Extreme Life, with 120 Industries and, new partner, Jay Duff. The program will showcase some of the worlds most extreme athletes competing in the worlds fastest, craziest and most dangerous sports. Mash also Executive Produced a new kids TV show pilot last year, entitled “That’s Funny!” with Australian stand up comedian and actress Georgia Van Cuylenburg (Final Fantasy XIII, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Finding Nemo). The show is still in production.

The back up plan for Mash, however, is a new show, in development, entitled “Icon News.” The show will feature Marklin as it’s host, much like ADHDtv, but with a more serious Hollywood insider approach. “I had a great time working on ADHDtv,” says, Director, James Phelps, “but if the show gets cancelled, I really like our chances with Icon News. The show has all the potential that ADHDtv had, but it’s more main stream, for a wider audience.” Why all the popularity for Marklin? Perhaps it’s his down to earth, almost blue collar approach to television. “This Lew guy…He’s just a guy” says Ken Davitian (Borat, Meet the Spartans) “Lew’s Ca-razy” says Laurie Welsh, “we’re just happy that you guys (ADHDtv) are here” says Shani Rigsbee (Crash). Either way, In the simple words of Louis Gossett Jr., “Keep Watching.”

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