Telford child sex abuse inquiry should look at dangerous aspects of sex education

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12 March 2018


Safe at School calls for inquiry into Telford child sex abuse scandal to look at dangerous aspects of sex education

The Safe at School campaign is calling on the government to make sure that the inquiry into the latest child sex abuse scandal looks carefully at what children are being taught in school in sex education lessons.

Many sex education programmes used in schools are based on a vision of underage sex as a normal part of everyday life according to Safe at School, a campaign of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. 

Antonia Tully of Safe at School says; “We cannot throw up our hands in horror at what has happened in Telford and ignore the fact that many teaching resources for sex education are promoting the morning-after-pill and abortion. Reports that an underage girl was receiving the morning-after-pill as frequently as “twice a week” and had two abortions must be examined in the light of what thousands of young people are taught in schools.”

Antonia Tully of Safe at School says: “Several decades of explicit sex education have undoubtedly contributed to a national culture in which a child’s right to sexual pleasure, coupled with access to contraception and abortion without parental consent or knowledge, trump investigation into what might really be going on.  This is why, yet again, we are reading about vulnerable children slipping through the net.”

“Classroom sex education is frequently cited as key to keeping children safe.  Yet there seems to be little or no research to support this view. In the meantime, we are failing to get to the root causes of why child sex abuse continues to flourish in this country.”       

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