Testomeds Now Offering Androforte Testosterone Cream- Rated the Most Efficient Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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TestoMeds is the top rated online source for hormone replacement therapy, offering a distinguished testosterone cream for men- Androforte, this cream delivers superior results for men that are seeking to improve performance and health without any side effects of synthetic testosterone offered by other companies. Androforte can be purchased online on the testomeds site.

Bet Shemesh, Israel., March 10, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Low testosterone levels? Many men may have noticed changes not just in sexual function, but equally in their mood, thoughts, muscle strength, body shape, sexual arousal and energy levels. Changes in these areas provide the clues to a low testosterone. Testosterone is an important hormone that regulates many bodily functions, including mood, muscle mass, energy, and sex drive (libido). For fitness and exercise, testosterone works to ensure strong muscle mass and body shape. In both men and women, libido and sex drive are directly affected by testosterone levels.

Doctor's can do a blood test to confirm levels are in the lower range.  For men, a doctor may also need to undertake a physical examination of ones prostate gland and conduct a blood test to measure the PSA (prostate specific antigen). This is to ensure that there are no signs of prostate cancer. Testosterone should not be used if there is prostate cancer or irregularities. If one has chronic liver or kidney disease testosterone should only be used with strict medical supervision.
Once it has been determined that treatment with hormone supplements is appropriate,there will be a choice between “Bioidentical hormones” or “Synthetic hormones”.  The term bioidentical hormones refers to ones that are identical to the hormones produced naturally by specialist glands in the body such as the ovaries, testes, adrenal, thyroid and pancreas. Many pharmaceutical hormones are not bioidentical hormones, but rather synthetic analogues which may have similar actions to a persons hormones but be aware that in the case of synthetic testosterone analogues they do not have the wide spectrum of action as natural testosterone - they are too strong to use in women and will cause unwanted side effects compared to the bioidentical hormone testosterone.

A bioidentical hormone for testosterone has the exact chemical finger print as that which is made by the human ovaries in women and the testes in men, meaning it is exactly the same testosterone a body produces.

Recently, a revolutionary new hormone replacement cream called AndroForte has been brought to the US market by Israeli bio-pharm company TestoMeds.  It is offering a remarkable combination of effectiveness, ease of application, and economy.  Androforte® cream is a topical testosterone cream made by Lawley Pharmaceuticals in Australia and is approved by the Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for export.  Considered to be the best testosterone replacement cream on the market, AndroForte contains 50mg of bio-identical testosterone in every 1ml.

The most important advantages of AndroForte are summarized here :

· It is five times more concentrated than many of the other leading testosterone replacements such as Androgel, which requires the use of as much as five times the dosage to achieve the same boost to testosterone levels.

· Bioidentical hormones fit precisely into human hormone receptors while synthetic hormones fit by approximation; this mismatch can causes side effects.  In some cases, the body is unable to fully metabolize synthetic hormones.

· AndroForte Testosterone Cream for Men needs only to be applied once daily in low doses, unlike other creams that require heavy application or oral forms of testosterone supplements, which are taken in much higher, more intense dosage.

· AndroForte is massaged into the skin of the scrotum and is absorbed 30 seconds later.

· The usage of AndroForte cream is much less than other testosterone treatments because the skin of the scrotum is much more receptive to the absorption of testosterone than other of the body where other topical products are applied.

· Unlike other testosterone products, AndroForte can be easily without any potential after effects.

· AndroForte's low dosage levels costs only one or two dollars per day, much lower than the costs of competitors' far more expensive products.

An added advantage as a consumer is the outstanding service which TestoMeds can provide.  The company is known for its commitment to sourcing the highest quality pharmaceutical products available in the world and providing them to its American base of customers at affordable prices. They have extensive international shipping and customer service experience and are the exclusive U.S. distributor of all Lawley pharmaceutical products. All of TestoMeds creams are manufactured in Australia by Lawley Pharmaceuticals and are shipped through a modern highly efficient distribution center in The Republic of Georgia, via Georgian Post, which allows orders to be efficiently cleared through U.S. customs.

TestoMeds can ship hormone replacement creams to the United States and worldwide. TestoMeds works closely with pharmacists and medical specialists in all aspects of the production and sale of AndroForte. TestoMeds work closely with  bioidentical hormone experts to meet the needs of clients and improve health outcomes.
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