Three Top Universities Form Design Partnerships with AiJade Jewellery

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Jewellery design students from Edinburgh, London and Dundee are set to take their talent to the world of professional design.

Milton Keynes, London, December 11, 2013 -(PressReleasePoint)- Jewellery design students from Edinburgh, London and Dundee are set to take their talent to the world of professional design.

Participating jewellery and silversmith designers from Edinburgh University, Dundee University and London Metropolitan's Sir John Cass Faculty now have an opportunity to work within the professional jewellery industry for AiJade Jewellery.

The design competition offers more for the students than the design process alone; they will have hands on experience in applying Hetian jade to their work, giving them a deeper understanding of this fascinating stone. The students will then work in partnership, bringing contemporary jewellery together with Chinese Hetian Jade.

Dundee University Course Director Teena Ramsay said: "I greatly value the relationships nurtured with Industry, giving the students real experience that can continue after their studies. Although our students are looking into pushing the boundaries of Contemporary Jewellery, my aim is to have graduates that can move freely between all the genres of jewellery without restrictions".

"We're hoping that these partnerships will result in some exciting designs as well as a greater understanding of the huge variety of Hetian jade available and the possibilities it offers to talented designers," added AiJade's UK President James Wang. "The Hetian jade we are supplying to the students is the same as the royal jade chosen by the Imperial Emperors of the Forbidden City Palace and comes from Xinjiang's Hetian region, around the Kunlun Mountains and was created by volcanic eruptions when streams of lava mixed with minerals when they flowed from the volcano, affecting the colour. Thus as well as the beautiful olive green loved by millions, Hetian jade is sometimes found in a rare and wonderful translucent white, and a glistening black. I'm sure the student designers will bring a contemporary twist to the 8,000 year old Oriental tradition of jade artistry!"
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