Three years of successful operation of the Polish toll collection system – established and operated by Kapsch

Electronic tolling system viaTOLL has generated revenues of more than EUR 770 million to date

Vienna, July 28, 2014 – This July marks three years of operation of the Polish toll collection system. Established and operated by Kapsch TrafficCom, the electronic tolling system for trucks is one of eight nationwide systems in Europe – five of which were built by Kapsch – and has thus far brought revenues of more than EUR 770 million(PLN 3.2 billion) for the Polish government. The tolling system was put into operation in 2011 after having been set up in the record time of just eight months. Built in several stages, viaTOLL currently covers 2,653 kilometers of Polish highways. This figure is set to increase up to 7,000 kilometers by 2018. Collecting tolls on trucks has become an important source of revenue for the Polish road construction authority. The costs for setup and operation of the system constitute a mere fraction of the revenues generated. Moreover, the system represents a key environmental policy instrument given that fees are charged based on vehicle emission category.

Poland’s experience with electronic toll collection has been quite encouraging. Since viaTOLL replaced the former vignette system in 2011, revenues have risen steadily as toll payment discipline improves. The cost for setting up the system had already been recouped by the fall of 2012. Charging tolls based on distance driven is more equitable, and there are significantly more low-emission trucks on the road in Poland since prices have been based on vehicle emissions. “In addition to the many advantages that the system already offers, Poland now possesses a modern infrastructure that can also be used for future services. The information collected serves as the basis for gaining a real-time view of the traffic situation, and it can also be used for intelligent traffic management in conjunction with the street-side installations,” explains Georg Kapsch, CEO of Kapsch TrafficCom. Since June 2012, passenger car drivers have had the option of registering for electronic toll collection as a time-saving alternative to the traditional manual toll collection system. Drivers thus save waiting time since they do not have to stop and take a ticket when entering a toll road or make a payment at the toll station when leaving the route.

Nearly 1.6 million on-board units

More than 800,000 users already take advantage of the electronic tolling system, with a total of 1.59 million on-board units (OBUs) having been issued in Poland. The units use microwave technology to communicate with the monitoring stations installed along the roadways. Known as multi-lane free-flow (MLFF), this system enables toll payments to be verified and fees to be collected without interrupting the flow of traffic. In addition to Poland, Kapsch has amongst others implemented these types of solutions in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Belarus.

Picture 1: Electronic toll collection as a time-saving alternative

Picture 2: Electronic tolling system viaTOLL in Poland

Photo rights: Kapsch AG


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