Tieto's Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 has been published

TIETO CORPORATION   PRESS RELEASE         27 May 2014 at 12.00 EET

Tieto's fifth corporate responsibility (CR) report based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework has been published - Tieto Corporate Responsibility Report 2013. This report presents Tieto's CR performance and the management of material CR issues in 2013. The report is prepared according to the new GRI G4 guidelines at 'Core' level.

Among the CR Report 2013 highlights is the decrease in energy consumption, which helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by Tieto's operations by 19% from 50 223.2 tons in 2012 to 40 834.9 tons in 2013. Examples of other achievements are improved customer satisfaction and the introduction of a new customer experience index to simplify the evaluation of customers' view on Tieto. Based on this new index, Tieto's strength  is that the company is easy to work with.

"Year 2013 was indeed an eventful one. Together with internal and external stakeholders, we renewed our CR materiality through an external crowdsourcing initiative arranged by Tieto as well as through internal workshops. Now we are ready to take the next steps in developing our CR further with a revised set of focus areas," says Christer Mattsson, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Tieto.

"With regards to our performance in 2013, we are especially pleased to see the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from our operations. Furthermore, our consistent quality work has paid off, since our customer satisfaction has increased three years in a row. To us, sustainability is the new norm and we strive to create value for all our stakeholders," says Christer Mattsson.

Tieto's Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 is assured in accordance with the AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008) by an external auditor to GRI Core level. The report is also the annual Communication on Progress in accordance with UN Global Compact (GC) requirements, qualifying for the GC Advanced level.

The full report is available at http://ar2013.tieto.com/en/corporate-responsibility-report

For further information, please contact:

Christer Mattsson, Head of Processes, Quality and Corporate Responsibility, christer.mattsson[at]tieto.com, +46 705 86 80 30

Maija Tenhunen, CR Manager, maija.tenhunen[at]tieto.com, +358 207 279 897


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