Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation (Sony) has been recognized for its efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, combat climate change, and manage water resources by being included in the "A List"

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*1 of two CDP Surveys on climate change and water. This marks Sony's 3rd consecutive year on the A List of the climate change report, and its 2nd consecutive year on the water report.
Sony has adopted a "Road to Zero" long-term environmental plan that plots a course to a zero environmental footprint for the company's operations and across the lifecycle of its products, by 2050. Moving toward this vision for the future, Sony set about pursuing its new "Green Management 2020" environmental mid-term targets from fiscal 2016, which it aims to achieve by the end of fiscal 2020. Its results thus far are as follows:

  • 37.6% reduction in annual energy consumption per product (target: average of 30% reduction (compared to FY13))
  • Approx. 14% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across all sites (target: 5% reduction (compared to FY15))
  • Use of renewable energy equivalent to approx. 79,000-ton in CO2 (target: 300,000-ton CO2)
  • 6.9% reduction in water consumption in across all sites (target: 5% (compared to FY15))
  • Raised awareness and inspired action by reaching an audience of over 8.23 billion through the entertainment business (target: 500 million people)

Through these and other measures, Sony will continue striving to bring forth environmentally conscious products and services, minimize its environmental footprint of its value chain, and work to create a better and more sustainable society, toward the achievement of its "Green Management 2020" targets and ultimately an environmental footprint of zero.

About the CDP

The CDP is a nonprofit organization (NPO) founded in the UK in 2000. Backed by investors from around the globe, it conducts surveys on climate change and water management responses at private companies, then analyzes and releases the findings of these surveys to the public. This year, the CDP surveyed over 3,000 companies globally on behalf of 803 institutional investors representing more than 100 trillion U.S. dollars in managed assets.

  • *1:The rating system is a 4-rank scale (A, A-, B, B-, C, C-, D, D-). The A List is made up of the companies awarded the highest performance rank of "A."
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