Top Marketing Rep Says Residual Income Greatest Benefit from TrafficWave Online Business

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Residual income is monthly repeat income that continues indefinitely, according to TrafficWave income leader Dave Bresnahan, who helps others with a home-based business.

City, State, Country., May 7, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Sandy, UT – The potential for residual monthly income is what attracted former elected official, journalist, and actor Dave Bresnahan to the TrafficWave online business opportunity eight years ago. Now he is the top money earner in the company.

“One day I realized that I had a big problem. I could make a great income from the work I was doing, but if I stopped working the money stopped too. Investing was frustrating because the goal of having millions to fund a retirement just wasn't happening,” said Bresnahan.
He is a journalist, broadcaster, talk radio host, public relations consultant, and even a movie actor. You can see his bio at He makes good money, but knew that to find the freedom he was seeking he needed to find a form of residual income that would pay him whether he worked or not.
“I looked at everything I do to make money are realized I have a problem. I wrote books, and acted in movies. Those offer residuals, but in reality you rarely see that and when you do it does not last long. Insurance sales offered potential, but the reality is that the small annual renewals fade away quickly as people change policies. I looked at tons of network marketing opportunities, but they all had major flaws so those did not live up to the residual income promise. Then I discovered TrafficWave, totally by accident,” explained Bresnahan.
One of Bresnahan's public relations clients asked him to find an auto-responder and write the letters that would be placed in it for a real estate website. He selected TrafficWave from a field of many auto-responders because it offered unlimited campaigns and the lowest price.
“My client told other real estate agents, and I started setting up the same thing for them. It wasn't until I got a small check from TrafficWave that I actually considered putting more effort into finding marketing reps to be on my team and build a large business. It took off like a rocket and has been growing every month since,” said Bresnahan.
The residual aspect to the business is rather simple to understand. When a customer signs up for a TrafficWave auto-responder, a commission is paid. Every month when that same customer automatically pays for the next month of service the commission is paid again, month after month. The retention rate is really high because customers are so happy with TrafficWave, so the residual income grows and grows as more customers are added each month.
Bresnahan has been running his TrafficWave business for over eight years and is the top marketing rep for the company. He offers full details at 
“TrafficWave gives me real freedom. I can do what I want, when I want. My business keeps going even when I take a vacation, coach my kid's team, act in movies, or just sit at home being lazy. This is a major source of my current income, and if I ever decide to retire it will be my retirement income. If I die it will still be my wife's income. My team members know my e-mail and my cell phone, and they know I am their real partner. I don't disappear the day they sign up. I work with them to build their success,” said Bresnahan.

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