Total Scrum: 10 more Softengi specialists are recognized Scrum Product Owners and Scrum Masters

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Last week was extremely fruitful in terms of Scrum certification for Softengi – 4 Softengi specialists became certified Scrum Product Owners and 6 more specialists got Scrum Master recognition, which sufficiently supported and enhanced Softengi’s Scrum competence in software projects implementation.

Kiev, Ukraine., June 25, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Softengi’s motto is not accidentally “Inspired software engineering”, which means that all the work do here inspires  and customers for constant development and improvement of business. And Scrum framework ideally corresponds to such business needs –  manage time, maintain software and improve product at each process stage. Naturally, the customer doesn’t want to waste money and time, starting a software development process, fixing all terms and tasks at the beginning, and in a few months receiving a product not demanded by the market. Therefore, Scrum agile process is ideally suited for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements like software with the ability to change the product after each Scrum sprint (usually 2-week iterations). And that is why more and more teams in Softengi are acquiring their own certified Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners.  

Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner roles
The Scrum model expects the team to bring the product or system to a potentially shippable state at the end of each Scrum sprint. Meanwhile, the Project Manager is not playing the role of task distributor, rather Scrum Master is a mediator between the customer and the team, where each team member is self-organising and self-deciding in implementing his own tasks. However, not only Project Manager may be a Scrum Master, but also Architect, Developer, Business Analyst and even Sales or Support specialists. Basically, Scrum Master is the one, who must rightly build team-work in the company.
Scrum Product Owner’s role is different from Scrum Master, as usually this is person representing the interest of the end-user, customer or any other stakeholder. Quite often this is the representative from customer’s side. However, the increasing number of certified Scrum Product Owners in IT companies shows the tendency of Scrum Teams to understand more deeply the desires of users and customers on agile projects and moreover teach customer representatives the Product Owner role for more successful project implementation. Part of the Product Owner responsibilities is to have a vision of what he or she wishes to build, and convey that vision to the Scrum team. This is key to successfully starting any agile software development project.
Scrum Product Owner’s and Scrum Master’s certifications of Softengi’s specialists became one more proof that Softengi is following agile software development methodologies, allowing more flexible and adjustable software development processes, and better understanding of the customer needs. However, this doesn’t mean that Softengi works only by Scrum, but the comprehensive knowledge of one more project implementation framework allows to take the best features of it and reach ideal results for  customers.  

About Softengi:
Softengi provides IT outsourcing services since 1995. Every day more than 150 IT professionals in the offices in Ukraine, the U.S. and Switzerland realize business expectations of the customers worldwide. The company is a member of the Intecracy Group international IT-consortium, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and The 2014 Global Outsourcing 100 ranked outsourcer (Rising Star #5) by IAOP. 
Softengi offers outsourcing software development services, development teams establishment, IT business processes outsourcing, IT consulting, development of business solutions (based on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics). Among Softengi customers there are world-known companies such as Enviance Inc. (provides services for McDonalds, DuPont, Walmart, Chevron and FujiFilm), Ingersoll-Rand, Boeing, Peterbilt Inc., JSC Bank of Georgia, Mettler Toledo, IMPAQ, IKEA, UniCredit, Zeppelin and other customers in the U.S. , Western Europe and CIS.

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