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This is paid service from PressReleasePoint for tracking latest press release from your company and releasing it through PressReleasePoint.Com. We track press releases from your email account or corporate website and publish it on this site. Visit this page for more details about this service. Here you can pay and order this service. Pay for any number of press releases you want us to track and post automatically in 1 year, 6 months, 3 months or less. You must purchase credits for minimum 10 press release submissions. Steps for ordering and paying for this service.

1. Enter the number (quantity) of press releases you want us to publish. Minimum 10. 2. Click on "Add to cart" button once. You will be taken to Shopping Cart page. 3. Confirm your order and click on "Checkoutbutton. You will be taken to checkout page. 4. Confirm your e-mail id and select the payment method. You can safely pay with credit card using secure PayPal or Google Checkout. 6. In the Order Comments section enter any special instructions you want to send us along with your website address and also link to your press release page on your website. 7. Next click on the "Review Order" button. You will be taken to order review page. Click on "Google Checkout" or "Submit Order" button. 8. You will be taken to payment page of Google checkout or PayPal. Use your credit card to pay this order. 9 We will confirm your order and create a profile page for your company within 24 hours. 10. We will post past ten press release from your company on this website and link them from your profile page. 11. We will start tracking and publishing your future press releases. We will regularly notify you whenever we publish press release from your website.

Visit this page to know more about this service. Please Contact Us for more details. We will deduct one credit from your account for each press release submission.You will get a renewal notification when your account balance reaches zero ( which happens when we have published number of press releases you have paid for ).
Price: $1.00

PressReleasePoint.Com staff account or customer's own account can be used. I

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