Track and Publish Press Release

Easily post press release on this site by sending email or publishing it on your website. We will monitor for press release from your email or website and then publish it on This service is offered for your convenience and it saves time. Here you can order this service.

Buy as many press release submission credits as you want. We will deduct one credit from your account after each press release submission.You will get a renewal notification when you have used up all your submission credits. Visit this page to know more about this service. Please Contact Us for more details.

Steps for ordering and paying for this service.

1. Enter the number (quantity) of press releases to publish. 2. Click on "Add to cart" button. You will be taken to Shopping Cart page. 3. Confirm order by clicking Checkout button. 4. Confirm your e-mail id in the checkout page. You can safely pay using secure PayPal . 6. In the Order Comments section enter your website address, link to your press release and instructions if any. 7. Next click on the "Review Order" button. You will be taken to order review page. Click on  "Submit Order" button. You will be taken to PayPal payment page . 9 Order will be confirmed after successful payment. 10. We will publish a press release from your company on 11. We will start tracking and publishing your future press releases. We will regularly notify you whenever we publish press release from your website.

Price: $10.00

Customer's Own Account:  Submit on other PR sites using customer's own unique account instead of a common account. Some websites accept only unique account.

Sitewide Promotion: receives around 2000 to 3000 visits per day. Promote your news on front page and all other pages of this site for better visibility.