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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. February 21, 2018 — Due to climate change, over-tourism and restricted entry, more travelers than ever are headed to “Last Chance” destinations. Since 2003, leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, has been collecting customer data to gain insights into travel trends. Using this information, Squaremouth reports the recent growth in popularity to these countries.

Climate Change

In the past year, travel to countries affected by climate change saw a significant increase in travelers.

Maldives: 68% Increase in Travel

With its low lying islands and rising sea levels, this country is considered to be vulnerable to global warming.

Australia: 25% Increase in Travel

The Environmental Protection Agency says the world’s largest coral reef systems in Australia are at risk due to global warming. In addition to increased travel in the past year, Australian visitors are spending nearly 28% more on trips.

Antarctica: 17% Increase in Travel

Antarctica’s ice sheets are at risk due to global warming, directly impacting wildlife.


Some destinations have limited the number of tourists they allow into their country, however, this has actually contributed to an increase in tourism interest.

Galapagos Islands: 38% Increase in Travel

Due to the fear of over-tourism and the deterioration of the islands, the Galapagos Islands have limited tourism, only allowing a certain number of tourists in at a time.

Restricted Entry

Some travelers are trying to cross countries off their bucket list before it’s too late to visit due to government-imposed regulations.

Cuba: 11% Increase in Travel

Travel restrictions have some travelers concerned that future travel to Cuba may become even more limited.


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