Unaccompanied minors, solving poverty and more...

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What net neutrality is, and why you should care: an illustrated primer. Plus: a New York Times Op-Doc explores the threat to Internet freedom. (Boing Boing, The New York Times)

The minimum wage for tipped workers hasn’t increased since the fall of the Soviet Union—why now is the time. (Economic Policy Institute)

A statistical analysis shows that violence, not deferred action, is behind the surge of unaccompanied children crossing the border. Plus: Five things you need to know about these unaccompanied minors. (Center for American Progress)

Joseph Stiglitz on why inequality is not inevitable, and Thomas Piketty on the history of money. (The New York Times, The Economist)

Three steps we can take to “solve poverty,” from someone who knows firsthand. (Moyers & Company)


“Just a couple of years after Detroit slid into what the national news media incessantly called a ‘post-apocalyptic’ collapse, the city now teems with a post-post-apocalyptic optimism.” (The New York Times Magazine)

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