United Kingdom military delegation visits DLA Energy

Jonathan Stack, DLA Energy 

Defense Logistics Agency Energy Deputy Commander Mike Scott met with a delegation from the United Kingdom April 10 at the McNamara Headquarters Complex.


Scott and other DLA Energy senior leaders briefed British Royal Air Force Air Commodore Paul Higgins, Group Capt. Andrew Killey and Wing Cdr. Robert Sutton about the organization.


The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence is currently studying the options for the establishment of a Strategic Fuel Authority.  


As part of the study, officials are engaging with DLA Energy leaders to gain a better understanding of the U.S. Defense Department’s approach to the strategic management of fuel, as well as identify lessons they can use to potentially influence the study, Higgins said.


Higgins said there were three key points of interest in their visit:


– The end-to-end strategic fuel supply chain.

– Strategic requirements setting, governance, assurance and technical authority.

– Strategic contracting for fuel and the management of such contracts.


Other topics discussed included fuel acquisition, fuel quality, a non-petroleum overview, environmental, international agreements, and inventory and defense fuel support point management.


The visit by the United Kingdom delegation is part of the DLA Director’s Outreach Initiative, a planned series of meetings with senior military leaders from across the Defense Department, foreign military leaders and dignitaries, and other stakeholders. These meetings explain the support DLA can provide or provide an update on the support the agency is currently providing the other organization.

Photo: Leaders at conference table
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British Royal Air Force Air Commodore Paul Higgins tells DLA Energy Deputy Commander Mike Scott the purpose of his visit to the McNamara Headquarters Complex April 10. Higgins and two other members of a United Kingdom delegation visited the organization to gain a better understand of strategic management of fuel. Photo by Jonathan Stack