University News State funding for medical research

Five researchers from The University of Western Australia have been awarded State Government funding of $10,000 each in this year's New Independent Researcher Infrastructure Support (NRIS) awards.

Health Minister Kim Hames today announced seven WA health and medical researchers had been awarded a total of $70,000 in infrastructure and support funding.  The UWA researchers are:

  • Clinical Associate Professor Kwok Ming Ho, from UWA's School of Population Health and Royal Perth Hospital's Intensive Care Unit, is part of a national project to study the effects of using diurectics to treat patients with acute kidney injury.


  • Dr Hannah Moore, from UWA-affiliated Telethon Kids Institute, is investigating currently available vaccines for chest infections and whether they are effective in reducing the number of infections that children suffer from and where, and for whom, better vaccination programs are needed.


  • Dr Esther Ooi, a senior research fellow in UWA's School of Medicine and Pharmacology, based at Royal Perth Hospital, is working to identify the prevalence of high levels of lipoproteins Lp(a) in people with premature cardiovascular disease and to explore how medical therapies lower Lp(a) levels.


  • Assistant Professor Susan Peters, also from UWA's School of Population Health, is researching the occupational causes of cancer and aims to improve the quality of exposure assessment in occupational epidemiological studies.


  • Associate Professor Jennifer Stone, from UWA's Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease, is working to increase our understanding of the causes of breast cancer and find potential pathways for prevention of the disease. Her research aims to identify genetic and environmental factors that lead to mammographic density, one of the strongest predictors of breast cancer risk.