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Takamori has lectured worldwide and serves as chair of the Buddhist organization Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai in Japan. The depth of his thought is belied by the simplicity of his prose.

Torrance, CA, September 01, 2009 (PressReleasePoint) -- What we have is not ours forever – that sounds like simple and obvious wisdom during economic times when so many have lost so much. But Buddhist teacher Kentetsu Takamori wants everyone to know the message is far more important when it comes to human nature.

In his new book, Something You Forgot…Along the Way, Takamori relates 65 short stories that bring his philosophy to life. He cautions us that nothing is permanent.

“Once this reality sinks in,” Takamori says, “we cannot help treasuring each moment of our association.”

The stories focus on such basics as the importance of perseverance, the real meaning of honor, and how success is not gained by chance, but by the fruit of our efforts. The stories aim to give guidance and help the reader see deeper into life.

As the world struggles to emerge from a prolonged recession that has affected jobs, housing, businesses and entire governments, a stark and personal toll has been taken. Individuals looking for answers may find them in Something You Forgot…Along the Way. Those who accept the inevitability of change may have taken their first steps toward a brighter future.

Takamori has lectured worldwide and serves as chair of the Buddhist organization Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai in Japan. The depth of his thought is belied by the simplicity of his prose. He writes with a clarity that is accessible to children but profound enough to stir adults.

The lesson of each story is honest, the frankness unforgettable. Opened at any page, Something You Forgot…Along the Way: Stories of Wisdom and Learning will draw the reader in with its direct and unapologetic message. Takamori guides the reader like a beacon toward doing better and becoming better. A sense of goodwill and sincerity radiates from the pages.

Released by Ichimannendo Publishing, Inc., Something You Forgot…Along the Way follows on the heels Takamori’s previous self-help bestseller in his native Japan, You Were Born for a Reason. Translations by Juliet Winters Carpenter have brought the author’s wisdom to English-speaking readers.

You Were Born for a Reason, Kentetsu Takamori’s 2006 bestseller, has sold more than 650,000 copies in Japan alone. Co-authored by Daiji Akehashi, and Kentaro Ito, the book considers the many ills that plague modern society – suicide, murder, angst, a constant sense of futility – and guides us to the enduring truths that can renew our hearts and provide real happiness.
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