UPDATE: "ISMAIL'S FLIGHT", A Conjoined Relief Effort of Kalitta Air, DHL, Aviapartner, Fast Forward Freight and Global HeavyLift

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Exposure to environmental extremes has resulted in dozens of child deaths in Afghanistan refugee camps near Kabul. Relief organization British Afghan Women's Society leading urgent relief efforts across UK and beyond to provide food, fuel, warm clothes and medicine; Ministry of Defence UK (MODUK) and US Department of Defense (DoD) being asked to approve direct shipment of approximately 10 tonnes of supplies aboard RAF Brize-Norton Boeing C-17s to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. New York Times' Rod Nordland commended for reportage.

London, United Kingdom., March 6, 2012 - (PressReleasePoint) - Locations are now open in London to accept donations of necessary items for Afghan child refugees after dozens of children under five froze to death last month in the Kabul refugee camps. The British Afghan Women's Society is seeking donations of blankets, warm baby clothes, children's clothes, boots, shoes, scarves, baby formula, flour, and other dried, non-perishable food items. The cargo will be air lifted by a generous donation of air transport by the American company Global HeavyLift Holdings, Inc of Bloomfield Hills, MI and its strategic air partners.     UPDATE: March 24-April 5, 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Unprecedented Private Effort Airlift Dubbed “Ismail’s Flight” of Donated Winter Baby Clothes For Afghan Children Arrives at Bagram Airfield – “Unusually Cold Afghanistan Winter Takes Toll on The Most Vulnerable..” PRESS CONFERENCE SATURDAY, 31 MARCH 2012, DHSA COMPOUND, KABUL, AFGHANISTAN

"Given the urgency of matters, we believe the optimal approach is arranging for direct shipment aboard Bagram bound RAF C-17s", says Global HeavyLift Director of Middle-East Operations Benjamin Ballout. "Every effort is being made to implement this strategy. Moreover, it precludes the necessity of clearances for non-military aircraft flying into a conflict arena. Nevertheless, it remains an option."

Global HeavyLift is also seeking to provide heavy duty pick-up trucks through its automotive industry colleagues in senior leadership positions."

British Afghan Women's Society Director Zarghona Rassa further notes that "A society is judged by how we treat the weakest among us, and providing core necessities for the survival of these children transcends any political motivation or ideology.  Wherever and whenever such crises occur, we must be prepared to act effectively."

British Afghan Women's Society and Rod Nordland of the The New York Times Commended

"Rod Nordland of the New York Times, his photographer Andrea Bruce, and Zarghona Rassa are to be commended for their efforts to draw attention to this urgent crisis", says Myron D. Stokes, Managing Director for Global HeavyLift, and a former correspondent for Newsweek, Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International. "I am reminded of Nordland's award winning piece "Death of a Village" that brought attention to the continuation of genocide committed against Bosnian Muslims by Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic, euphemistically called 'ethnic cleansing', during the Balkans War.  Journalist Ralph Lopez and Lt. Col. Lawrence Burr (Ret'd) of the Royal Marines are to be commended as well."

Donations are being accepted at points in North, South, East, and West London. The North location is the postal delivery address, at: Community House, 311, Fore Street, Edmonton, N9 0PZ, London, UK .

More Pertinent Data Regarding Relief Efforts

For the address of the locations in East, West, or South, please email:   baws_UK@yahoo.com  and/or   info@britishafghanwomen.org

The drive is being organized by Ms. Zarghona Rassa of the British Afghan Women's Society.

At least 23 children under age five have frozen to death since Jan. 15th, in the Kabul refugee camps where 35,000 people live.  Kabul is experiencing its coldest winter in 20 years, with night temperatures since January ranging from the mid-teens to the single digits with families living in unheated tents.  The deaths were first reported by Rod Nordland of the New York Times.  Across Afghanistan at least 40 children have been reported to have frozen to death, mostly at night.

Monetary donations are also being accepted to buy further items for the cargo load.  American credit cards can be used even though donations are denominated in British pounds.  A small conversion fee may be charged.  Please reference donation with the note "winter012."

For online donations and further donation information please see links for this release.

Additional media contact (USA): Ralph Lopez 617-412-9438

Background articles:

"Driven Away by a War, Now Stalked by Winter’s Cold" by Rod Norland, New York Times, Feb.3, 2012

"Uncovering the Sadness of Young Deaths", by Rod Nordland/Andrea Bruce photography, New York Times, Feb. 8, 2012


 "In the Midst of $2 Billion Per Week Spending on War, Babies Freezing in Kabul for Lack of Food, Fuel."

dailykos com/story/2012/02/13/1064411/-In-the-Midst-of-2-Billion-Per-Week-Spending-on-War-Babies-Freezing-in-Kabul-for-Lack-of-Food-Fuel

About Global HeavyLift Holdings, Inc

Founded in 2002, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based GHH is a strategic air transport solutions entity that was born of a multi-year public/private effort (Commercial Application of Military Airlift Aircraft-CAMAA en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commercial_Application_of_Military_Airlift_Aircraft ) among forward thinkers in both the private sector and government to mitigate emerging and observable vulnerabilities in the U.S. industrial base global supply chain. Such vulnerabilities are represented by the fact that no ocean-borne shipping is in U.S. hands at present, thus potentially subjecting American corporations, especially automotive, and their global operations to the whims and perhaps economically hostile activities of and by foreign governments. Add to this the risk of terrorist activities, which have, according to the Department of Homeland Security, targeted maritime operations; i.e., ships, ports and ocean containers.

Incorporated in Delaware and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) listed, (ccr gov) it is the goal of GHH and its strategic partners around the planet to work with key logistics personnel within these corporations and government agencies to conceptualize, craft and structure long-term global supply chain alternative transportation methodologies through continuous -- not stop gap or emergency -- air augmentation solutions. Its most important mission, however, has been in the co-development of global architecture for infrastructure of a new American controlled industry, Heavylift, utilizing the excellent airlift performance characteristics of the Boeing BC-17.

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