U.S. Senators demand answers from Apple

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We’re not the only ones who think Apple is putting Tibetan lives at risk! Just yesterday, U.S. Senators Patrick Leahy and Ted Cruz wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook questioning his company’s appalling decision to remove third-party VPN apps from its App Store in China, and specifically raising concerns over how Apple’s decision may be supporting China’s censorship and surveillance of Tibetans.

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Senators Leahy and Cruz pointed out that Apple may not just be helping China get away with censorship, but the company may actually be enabling Chinese authorities’ surveillance efforts. It’s that serious!

The senators not only raised their concerns in general, but they demanded answers to 10 specific questions, including whether Apple has ever taken any action to stand up or speak out for Tibetans.

When you received the Newseum’s 2017 Free Expression Award, you stated, “At Apple we are not just enabling others to speak up, we are doing so ourselves.” Please provide copies of any statements that Apple has issued either promoting freedom of speech in China or condemning the Chinese government’s censorship and surveillance mechanisms, including with respect to human rights defenders, Tibetans, and Uyghurs.” Read more here.

We are grateful to both U.S. senators for taking such bold action and helping us hold Apple accountable for its actions in China which are actually aiding Beijing’s efforts to clamp down on political dissent, and will, without a doubt, lead to more Tibetans, and other innocent people, being disappeared or imprisoned for trying to access information or express themselves online.

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