Use Atel Class 4/5 Softswitch To Start A Voip Telecom Company Of Any Size

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Class 4/5 Softswitch for Small/Large Businesses, Residential and Business Phone Services. This rugged solution can assist any organization maximize its Return on Investment (ROI).

Delaware, USA., April 27, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - A softswitch is a central device software running on a general purpose computer system that handles Internet Protocol-to Internet Protocol communications. VoIP softswitches are subdivided into two classes – class 4 softswitch and class 5 softswitch. 

Class 4 Softswitch: This softswitch is used for transit VoIP traffic between carriers usually called class 4 softswitch since its main function is the routing of large number of calls. It is always advisable to contact an organization that supports many functions and ruggedness for a smooth running of a class 4 softswitch like New Concept Technologies.
Class 5 Softswitch: This kind of softswitch is intended to work with end users. This softswitch works for both local and long distance telephony services.   
New Concept Technologies happily presents its Class 5 Softswitch which is an award winning carrier grade solution, provided with superior functionalities to make it the most secure class 5 softswitch on the market today. It is ideal for companies looking to provide VoIP services, residential broadband services, either through a direct connection or working with PBX systems or service providers who want to implement hosted services for small, medium and large enterprises. This softswitch is fully loaded with lots functions and features which cannot be found anywhere else.
O-u-r aTel class 5 softswitch give a complete network management solution for VoIP/Service and other business organizations on a single platform. O-u-r solutions enable service providers to build scalable and reliable VoIP networks. Based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), w-e offer a full scale routing capabilities to maximize performance for small, medium and large voice and data networks. O-u-r software is used in several countries by existing and new VoIP and service organizations, educational institutions, governments and non-governmental institutions.
Integrated with prepaid and post paid plan subscription, real time call authorization and call routing. flexibility in routing through priority, prefix and or percentage based routing. Call failover depending on clients' direction and lots more. This solution is fully integrated with advanced auto dialer solution, advanced PBX features and conference software suitable for any kind of Call Center or hosted PBX company irrespective of the size. Additionally, o-u-r class 5 softswitch has DID management/bulk SMS modules, mobile top-up feature, wholesale/retail call termination and origination, calling card solution, unlimited resellers panel, callback and callshop modules, fax broadcast, eShopping functionality and many of other advanced features.  
Whether y-o-u are looking for Class 4 or Class 5 Softswitch, New Concept Technologies is here to assist y-o-u-r organization. O-u-r solutions can also be sold as a single licence in case y-o-u want to start a calling card business or a hosted PBX or Call center business.  If y-o-u are looking for rugged solution with lots of unlimited features, y-o-u should contact u-s today for demo and pricing.  
About New Concept Technologies (NCT)
New Concept Technologies (NCT) is a leading application development and telecommunication company with offices in Australia and USA, supported by global resellers network. W-e share a desire to do meaningful work alongside bright, engaged people. We've learned to combine o-u-r strengths and balance o-u-r individual perspectives. NCT has been an innovative powerhouse in communication technologies, VoIP Services and Products since 2008. W-e embrace excellence and the highest ethical standards for the benefit of o-u-r stakeholders. Since inception, o-u-r strategic advantages have been o-u-r expertise, creativity and technical competence. O-u-r passion at NCT is to facilitate wise technology investment decisions that provide a measurable return on investment to o-u-r clients. 
O-u-r products are compatible with any SIP based applications/equipment manufactured around the world. W-e enable ITSPs to deliver the highest levels of performance and quality using o-u-r carrier grade, reliable and scalable systems. W-e offer a turn-key system for ITSPs without the need of any third party applications. O-u-r solutions are highly scalable, user friendly, modular, flexible, and integrated with a mature VoIP Billing System, Provisioning System, Auto-configuration system and variety of other advanced features. 
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