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04/23/2018 - 14:12 Book lovers, collectors and librarians worldwide celebrate World Book Day on April 23.
04/20/2018 - 18:51 Twenty-one students associated with the University of Arizona recently were rewarded with one of the most prestigious graduate fellowships in the nation by the National Science Foundation.
04/19/2018 - 23:10 Ethel Branch credits her experiences with the University of Arizona's Cooperative Extension 4-H program with helping prepare her for an eventual career as the Navajo Nation Attorney General.
04/19/2018 - 11:39 An undergraduate degree at the UA aims to produce career-ready financial planners while strengthening the financial literacy of Arizona residents through outreach programs.
04/18/2018 - 22:49 UA-Based Network Looks Out for Lesser Long-Nosed Bat
04/07/2018 - 01:03 For decades, Spring Fling has been a draw for couples on first dates, for family staycations and students looking for a nearby evening getaway.
04/02/2018 - 17:56 More than halfway across the universe, an enormous blue star nicknamed Icarus is the farthest individual star ever seen.
03/19/2018 - 16:38 Tucson Cine Mexico, the United States' longest-running festival of Mexican cinema, kicks off on Wednesday with a series of Spanish-language film screenings in Tucson.
03/13/2018 - 21:13 Edward Anthony Polanco stands outside a temple in the pre-Columbian Maya site known as Palenque, located in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico.
03/12/2018 - 20:53 Tucson Village Farm, a Pima County farm that teaches children how to grow and prepare fresh food, is getting support from a local charity to help build a teaching kitchen.
03/09/2018 - 20:55 Henry Koffler was the first University of Arizona alumnus to serve as president, and his nine-year tenure saw increases in enrollment, number of faculty and staff, and research expenditures.
03/01/2018 - 19:50 Statements on Men's Basketball From UA, Coach Miller
03/01/2018 - 18:06 As driverless cars hit the road, how will they make moral decisions in life-or-death situations?
03/01/2018 - 17:19 Larry Head is a pioneer in the field of connected-vehicle technology, and his research is helping to determine how people will move about in the cities of tomorrow.
03/01/2018 - 15:30 Cybersecurity Means Job Security
03/01/2018 - 14:45 Every time University of Arizona students swipe their ID cards at the student union, the rec center, the library they leave a digital trace, showing exactly where they've been and when.
02/27/2018 - 15:06 What do you think you know about big data?
02/21/2018 - 18:46 The ocean around the Galapagos Islands has been warming since the 1970s, according to a new analysis of the natural temperature archives stored in coral reefs.
02/20/2018 - 19:42 A self-driving car experiences sudden brake failure as it approaches a crosswalk.
02/20/2018 - 19:01 In January and February, the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona hosted 20 university students from South America as part of the
02/19/2018 - 18:52 UA Proposes 2% Increase in Tuition for 2018-2019
02/19/2018 - 18:22 Five UA Faculty Members Named Regents' Professors
02/19/2018 - 17:56 Leading Retailers, Tech and Brand Execs to Speak at Conference
02/19/2018 - 17:43 Tucson Festival of Books to Celebrate 10th Anniversary
02/19/2018 - 17:33 Selected brain scans from a new research paper on the causes of traumatic brain injury by Kaveh Laksari of the UA Department of Biomedical Engineering
02/19/2018 - 17:22 The UA is the first among Arizona's three state universities to meet federal criteria as a Hispanic-Serving Institution.
02/19/2018 - 17:15 People with the rare disease called primary progressive aphasia may recruit intact brain areas for help with language, according to a new UA-led study.
02/19/2018 - 17:07 Can Laughter Make Our Lives Better? Researchers Say Yes
02/19/2018 - 17:07 Hockstad Named New Leader of Tech Launch Arizona
02/19/2018 - 16:13 Ray Mabus to Serve as UA Commencement Speaker
02/19/2018 - 15:59 Dr. Daruka Mahadevan (left) and Eric Weterings examine cancer cells in a petri dish. Mahadevan is director of the UA Cancer Center Early Phase Clinical Trials Program. (Photo: Kris Hanning/UAHS, ABOR, BioCommunications)
02/19/2018 - 15:54 The more you see your friends' exercise posts on social media, the worse you might feel about your own weight, research suggests.
02/19/2018 - 15:52 UA, Microsoft to Expand Computer Science Education
02/19/2018 - 15:50 UA Writing Program Recognized for Teaching Excellence
02/19/2018 - 15:50 $2.3M Estate Gift Supports Librarians and Archivists
02/19/2018 - 15:47 A new UA course offers students the chance to expand their cultural understanding by engaging with local community members representing various Middle Eastern ethnic groups.
02/19/2018 - 15:23 UA Biologists Find Answer to 100-Year-Old Question
02/19/2018 - 15:10 New Susan Karant-Nunn Chair to Kick Off 'Miseries of War'
02/19/2018 - 14:47 Partner's Finances Impact Well-Being, Even in Young Love
02/19/2018 - 14:32 Michael D. Dake Appointed Senior VP for Health Sciences
02/19/2018 - 13:31 Sociologist Investigates Reverse Assimilation of Immigrants
02/19/2018 - 12:55 Those in the Tribal Justice Clinic are obtaining valuable, real-world experience in the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Court and advancing the rights of indigenous people.
02/19/2018 - 12:25 Contributions by alumnus Terry J. Lundgren and his supporters in the fashion and retailing industries will benefit a range of programs and educational enhancements.
02/19/2018 - 02:35 A UA-led team of archaeologists commissioned LiDAR to survey 470 square kilometers of previously unexplored Guatemalan jungle.
02/19/2018 - 01:49 UA's Science, Business Programs Excel in Graduate Rankings
02/19/2018 - 01:46 Future droughts could be as bad as the devastating 2000-2010 drought, but likely no worse, according to a team that included a UA dendrochronologist.
02/19/2018 - 01:37 Tech Launch Arizona held its fifth annual awards event, shining the spotlight on the UA's biggest stars of innovation.
02/19/2018 - 01:27 UA Med Students Learn Where They're Going for Residency
02/18/2018 - 23:48 New Scholarship Supports Vets Studying Plant Sciences
02/18/2018 - 23:41 UA Scientist Spearheads Effort to Illuminate Borderlands
02/18/2018 - 23:17 Cape Town's Water Crisis: Could It Happen in Arizona?
02/18/2018 - 22:40 Three graduating students talk about their experiences at the University of Arizona, from their funniest stories to their favorite professors and campus hangouts.
02/18/2018 - 21:39 Biosphere 2 to Host Expo and High-Speed Drone Race
02/18/2018 - 21:30 As Black History Month comes to a close, Archive Tucson offers an opportunity to keep learning by listening to oral histories of key African-American figures from the city's past.
02/18/2018 - 21:18 From the Southern Ocean, professor Joellen Russell is collecting big data that is expected to tell us more about the Earth and its climate.
02/18/2018 - 21:14 For Desert Dwellers, a Life in Balance
02/18/2018 - 21:05 UA-Led NASA Survey Seen as Steppingstone for Astronomy
02/18/2018 - 20:34 Neuroscience and cognitive science senior Lindsey Chew will represent the UA on Capitol Hill as part of an event showcasing undergraduate research.
02/18/2018 - 20:13 Startup Licenses Dual-View Probe for Endoscopy
02/18/2018 - 20:10 UA Agrivoltaics Project Named as World Changing Ideas Finalist
02/18/2018 - 20:02 A UA-led study projects substantial increases in area burned across western North America, with implications for land managers and policy makers.
02/18/2018 - 19:58 UA Faculty Member Named as Scholar in Residence
02/18/2018 - 19:58 New UA Study Reveals the Evolution of Sonicating Bees
02/16/2018 - 20:27 Chi-Kwan Chan waves his hand a few inches above a matchbox-size device. On a dark computer monitor, a million light dots appear as a solid sheet, each dot representing a light particle.
02/13/2018 - 16:26 It's a familiar online experience: You're about to make a purchase or submit a form, when you're asked to retype a series of distorted letters on the screen to prove you're human.
02/07/2018 - 18:37 is introducing new minors in Korean and critical languages.
01/29/2018 - 19:26 A University of Arizona that is student-focused emerged as the leading priority of a large group that assembled on campus to provide input to the University's new strategic plan.
01/29/2018 - 17:35 Phoenix strategic planning session
01/26/2018 - 20:04 Research into seismic building safety traditionally has focused on walls and braces, which form a downward load path to transfer seismic forces through a building's foundation and into the ground.
01/26/2018 - 18:43 UA Kicks Off World Soccer Study-Abroad Program
01/24/2018 - 16:47 Record Jump in 2014-2016 Temps Largest Since 1900
01/22/2018 - 18:12 'Humans, Data and Machines' Is Theme of UA Science Series
01/19/2018 - 15:31 A new effort at the University of Arizona will develop programs designed to produce globally competitive graduates.
01/19/2018 - 00:34 First 4-H Fab Lab Opens in Arizona
01/15/2018 - 21:29 UA professor Vishnu Reddy is leading a NASA-funded project to find freshly fallen meteorites like the one in Michigan last month.
01/12/2018 - 18:04 By using tree rings, the UA-led team developed the first reconstruction of historical changes in the North Atlantic jet stream prior to the 20th century.
01/12/2018 - 16:04 Robbins Introduces UA Science Series
01/12/2018 - 14:47 Applications Open for Tillman Scholars Program
01/11/2018 - 21:13 Nirav Merchant, director of the UA's Data Science Institute, tells a College of Science lecture audience that advances in technology "will push us toward excellence."
01/08/2018 - 18:30 Debi Chess Mabie will help lead the Dunbar Pavilion: An African-American Arts and Culture Center into its next 100 years of cultural significance.
12/28/2017 - 04:34 UA Statement on Football Coach Rich Rodriguez
12/14/2017 - 20:10 Banner University Medicine North will open its doors to its first patients on Dec. 28, making state-of-the-art care in a soothing setting available to patients in Tucson and across Arizona.
12/13/2017 - 23:08 , Regents' Professor of Astronomy and Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, has been named as a fellow of the prestigious National Academy of Inventors.
12/05/2017 - 22:06 Since its founding in 2013,
12/05/2017 - 17:52 , a University of Arizona associate professor of systems and industrial engineering, is the University's new faculty athletics representative to the Pac-12 Conference and the NCAA.
12/05/2017 - 15:03 , a University of Arizona associate professor of systems and industrial engineering, is the University's new faculty athletic representative to the Pac-12 Conference and the NCAA.
12/01/2017 - 16:57 Four Questions: How Ecologists Transform Research Into Change
11/27/2017 - 20:09 Aiming to chart the spread of Buddhism in China and across East Asia, University of Arizona researchers are examining distinct traditions that developed in the Hangzhou region.
11/20/2017 - 20:24 In Harlem, a Digital Renaissance Takes Shape
11/20/2017 - 20:02 If selected, the CAESAR mission would return a sample from a comet to determine its origin and history. NASA is expected to make its decision between CAESAR and a Saturnian mission in mid-2019.
11/20/2017 - 17:54 UA researchers are using aviation's high standards in an effort to increase our confidence in the safety of robotic cars.
11/20/2017 - 17:02 6 From UA Recognized in New Class of Fellows by AAAS
11/20/2017 - 16:43 "A Modern Zoo," a short documentary produced by a science journalism class of 18 students, shows how animal welfare, conservation and education are all important functions of Tucson's Reid Park Zoo.
11/20/2017 - 16:33 When Lemur Families Cuddle, They Share Important Gut Bacteria
11/20/2017 - 16:31 Brain May Be Responsible for Similarities Across Languages
11/20/2017 - 14:03 Researchers have discovered a key player in the molecular process that causes the communication breakdown between nerves in fatal muscle degeneration disease.
11/20/2017 - 03:42 UA Project Tackles Challenge of Making Safer Melons
11/20/2017 - 01:51 UA Collaboration Focuses Attention on Emergency HIV Patients
11/19/2017 - 23:44 An interdisciplinary program offered through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will prepare students to handle the evolving safety challenges facing the food industry.
11/19/2017 - 23:38 Registration Open for Spring 2018 Humanities Seminars
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