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To champion the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases through education, communication, and research.

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03/06/2018 - 12:22 BODE may overestimate transplant benefit in COPD patients
03/06/2018 - 08:46 Mothers who smoke while pregnant contribute to the severity of asthma and poor lung function in their children
02/20/2018 - 13:39 Play your royal flush and win in the fight against pulmonary fibrosis at the 5th Annual Irv Feldman Texas Hold Em Tournament and Casino Night
02/05/2018 - 12:14 Atrial fibrillation and its accompanying risks on the rise in Asian patients
02/05/2018 - 10:43 Long-term usage of inhaled corticosteroids may increase risk of bone fractures in patients with COPD
01/17/2018 - 01:15 Asymptomatic atrial fibrillation poses challenges for cardiac care
12/12/2017 - 14:24 American College of Chest Physicians receives Accreditation with Commendation
12/08/2017 - 13:48 Large proportion of patients experiencing acute exacerbations of COPD are skipping out on pulmonary rehabilitation or not being referred all together
11/15/2017 - 12:05 World COPD Day, a look at the many faces of COPD
11/13/2017 - 11:53 CHEST announces Dr. John Studdard as the 80th President of the American College of Chest Physicians
10/26/2017 - 08:19 American College of Chest Physicians unveils new lung cancer screening guidelines at CHEST 2017
10/23/2017 - 12:18 Clinicians personal religious beliefs may impact treatment provided to patients who are homosexual
10/23/2017 - 11:28 Acute kidney failure with VTE proves difficult to treat
10/23/2017 - 11:27 Are clinicians prepared to give bad news?
09/27/2017 - 17:46 Increased Arterial Stiffness Linked to Restrictive Spirometry Pattern and Reduced Forced Vital Capacity
09/22/2017 - 05:06 On first World Lung Day, September 25, global coalition of respiratory health organizations issues recommendations to improve lung health
09/12/2017 - 11:06 Cost-effective Imaging Can Determine Patients OSA Risk and Severity
08/09/2017 - 08:57 New potential air pollution health hazard associated with burning coal