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Barco N.V. is a display hardware and software manufacturer of laser projectors, digital cinema projection, video projectors, DLP projectors, Image Processing, LED displays, flat panel displays, LCD and LED video walls, medical displays, point of care devices, 3D sound, digital signage, wireless collaboration tools, automated luminaires, digital lighting, lighting controls, display controllers.

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02/08/2018 - 11:30 Barco's 2017 annual report is out
02/07/2018 - 21:49 FULL YEAR RESULTS: +20% EBITDA growth on flat sales, reflecting tangible progress on focus to perform initiatives
02/06/2018 - 08:45 AVNation honors Barco with multiple industry awards
02/06/2018 - 05:50 Overture becomes the first subscription-only AV control solution for Enterprise
02/06/2018 - 05:25 Barco instructs bailiffs to collect evidence of wireless presentation systems exhibited at ISE
02/06/2018 - 05:01 Barco releases new 4K60 Tri-Combo output card, along with enhanced expandability of its Event Master screen management platform
02/06/2018 - 04:54 Barco takes first steps into SaaS-business model with education and A/V control offers
02/06/2018 - 04:03 A new Event Master upgrade and card lets users scale up their shows - big time
02/05/2018 - 14:04 Berlinale amazes audiences again with Barcos finest cinema projection
01/31/2018 - 08:13 The ultimate positioning freedom for Barco UniSee users, with Vogels universal video wall mount solutions
01/31/2018 - 06:15 Barco and Vogels offer Barco UniSee users the ultimate freedom with universal video wall mount solutions
01/26/2018 - 00:42 What can artificial intelligence do for radiologists?
01/10/2018 - 02:18 The key to meeting room success revealed in new global study of 2250+ business executives
01/04/2018 - 10:50 Barco intends to re-orientate Barco Fredrikstad activities
01/03/2018 - 11:58 Agfa HealthCare honors Barco with Supplier Excellence award for innovative diagnostic imaging solutions
12/19/2017 - 07:11 How can breast radiologists work more efficiently?
12/14/2017 - 06:43 Barco receives the Technology Innovator Award at CineAsia 2017
12/12/2017 - 06:51 How to simplify quality control of medical displays