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About Crayons Montessori

Crayons Montessori established in the year 1995 by Mrs. Gunjan Bijlani, follows the Montessori Method which is a scientific method based on the discovered laws of development of the mind and body of the child. It redefines education as a process needed to develop and actualize human potentialities. It is concerned not merely with the ability to store and retrieve actual information but with the blossoming of the entire personality of the child. Crayons Montessori specializes in this.

Management of Crayons Montessori

Gunjan Bijlani has worked with preschool children in India and abroad. She is a trained Montessorian and truly believes in our philosophy that every child is equally intelligent and should be given an equal opportunity and a conducive environment where the child can self explore and create his/her own personality.

She holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and has a Diploma in Early Childhood. Gunjan has intermediately worked with children of special needs like Autism, Down-syndrome, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, MR & Cerebral Palsy in the past few years. The progress displayed by the children and the feedback received from the parents has given her the confidence to take on more such children, so as to benefit the vast majority of kids with special needs.

Rashi Bijlani, the Director and course designer for Asha Hai, has a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from University of London which is registered with the ADMP-UK and is also a Clinical Psychologist. Her novel and unique vision of the society enables her to view the children with extra needs through a new lens. In keeping with her ideology, she is a consultant Dance Movement Psychotherapist at various centers for children in Delhi. Her experience as an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer further confirms her confidence that dance and movement enhance the smooth interaction of the mind and body.

Contact Address

D-1/1, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016, INDIA