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The National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education. NEA's 3 million members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliate organizations in every state and in more than 14,000 communities across the United States.

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08/14/2017 - 17:40 Statement on racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia
07/12/2017 - 04:42 NEA President: educators remain alarmed by proposed education budget cuts
07/06/2017 - 11:08 NEA applauds lawsuit against Education Department, DeVos
07/04/2017 - 17:03 NEA Adopts Charter School Policy Statement
07/03/2017 - 14:58 Oregon Educator Elected to NEA Executive Committee
07/03/2017 - 10:34 NEA Honors Reading Rainbows LeVar Burton with Friend of Education Award
07/03/2017 - 06:52 Utah Elementary School Teacher, Pennsylvania Physical Science Teacher and Virginia Music Teacher Re-elected to top NEA Positions
06/30/2017 - 20:47 NEA honors 12 outstanding human and civil rights heroes at annual gala
06/26/2017 - 19:09 NEA President: Trinity ruling sidesteps questions regarding state constitutional protections for public education
05/23/2017 - 15:43 NEA President: Trump-DeVos budget is a wrecking ball aimed at public schools
05/18/2017 - 12:47 NEA President comments on Trump budgets proposed public education slashes
05/04/2017 - 12:43 NEA: American Health Care Act plays Robin Hood in reverse
05/03/2017 - 09:58 Massachusetts Paraeducator, Braillist Wins Recognizing Inspiring School Employees (RISE) Award, To Be Honored at Ceremony in Washington D.C.
04/27/2017 - 04:48 NEA: Revised American Health Care Act amendment makes terrible bill even worse
04/03/2017 - 17:07 Gorsuch cant hide extreme record of ruling against students with disabilities
03/27/2017 - 11:23 NEA calls for the immediate release of the leaders of Migrant Justice detained by ICE
03/24/2017 - 13:36 NEA: Children and families among millions of Americans who will lose health coverage
03/22/2017 - 10:58 Supreme Court ruling on IDEA standards directly debunks Gorsuchs view