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PRISA is the world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language business group in the fields of education, information and entertainment, thanks to its multichannel range of top-quality products. Present in 22 countries, it reaches more than 52 million users through its global brands EL PAÍS, 40 Principales, Santillana and Alfaguara. As leader in General-interest Press, Comercial TV and Pay TV services, Music and Spoken-word radio, Education, and Publishing, it is one of the largest media groups in the world with an extraordinary range of assets. It’s presence in Brazil and Portugal and among the growing Hispanic community in the US has given the group an Ibero-American dimension and has opened up a potential global market of 700 million people.

With over 250 web sites, visited by 36 million unique monthly users, PRISA is at the forefront of multi-channel and multi-device distribution and, with the launch of an ambitious strategy for content distribution, it offers products and services tailored to the consumer habits of users through mobile phones, iPads, eBooks, PSP consoles, and all kinds of mobile devices. PRISA has its own R & D division, employing state-of-the-art software platforms worldwide.

PRISA has had a firm ethical commitment to society, since the very outset. The group is active in projects that promote and foster education, culture and the arts, and is sensitive to the needs and requirements of the milieus in which it operates.

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06/28/2018 - 14:33 Alex Grijelmo is named new director of the UAM-EL PAIS School of Journalism
06/18/2018 - 23:05 Women'secret, Mendelian and New Food are honored for the most innovative initiatives of the year
06/17/2018 - 22:27 PRISA terminates deal with Altice for the sale of Media Capital
06/08/2018 - 06:58 Soledad Gallego-Diaz is appointed editor-in-chief of EL PAIS
06/06/2018 - 10:11 Soledad Gallego-Diaz, proposed as new editor-in-chief of EL PAIS
05/09/2018 - 05:51 EL PAIS hands out Ortega y Gasset Awards
04/27/2018 - 11:38 Juan Luis Cebrian leaves the presidency of EL PAIS
04/27/2018 - 00:46 PRISA's comparable EBITDA sees 3% growth
04/25/2018 - 05:39 Polanco reaffirms PRISA's commitment to the defense of freedom and democracy
04/25/2018 - 04:58 Mirat commits to profitable growth in Spain and Latin America
04/03/2018 - 01:58 Animal Politico, Univision, David Armengou, Marcela Miret and Soledad Gallego-Diaz win the Ortega y Gasset Awards for Journalism 2018
03/22/2018 - 02:06 PRISAs Board of Directors calls Annual General Meeting for April 25
02/28/2018 - 03:35 PRISA reports adjusted EBITDA of EUR 230 million for 2017
02/27/2018 - 13:08 Daniel Gavela is appointed Managing Director of SER
02/27/2018 - 12:59 PRISAs Board of Directors appoints Javier Monzon as non-executive deputy chairman
02/15/2018 - 10:30 PRISAs capital increase is 7.63 times oversubscribed
01/25/2018 - 15:17 The regulator CNMV approves the prospectus for PRISAs eur 563 million capital increase, which has been covered at a percentage of 100%
01/23/2018 - 15:09 PRISAs Board of Directors approves capital increase of 563 million