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As one of the largest women-led life insurance organizations, Royal Neighbors of America been protecting women financially and empowering them to improve their lives, families, and communities since 1895. We offer life insurance and financial protection solutions for women and families throughout their lives. From scholarships, financial education, and member benefits, we stand by our members to achieve their goals. As a not-for-profit life insurer, our philanthropic programs also provide opportunities for women and families to give back, connect, and empower others in their communities or affinity groups.

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08/30/2018 - 14:43 Royal Neighbors of Americas Cynthia Tidwell Named a Most Influential Women by CEO Connection
03/07/2018 - 12:41 Royal Neighbors of America Names 2017 Employee of the Year
01/16/2018 - 01:30 Royal Neighbors of America Awards $100,000 in 2017 to Empower Women
12/28/2017 - 13:43 Royal Neighbors of America Helps McKara Caldwell Stitch a Legacy
12/11/2017 - 23:38 Susan Kenney Cotter Joins Royal Neighbors of America as Chief Marketing Officer
11/30/2017 - 11:19 Royal Neighbors of America named a Great Place to Work
11/10/2017 - 14:58 Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation receives $10,000 grant to train puppies for visually impaired
10/05/2017 - 12:30 Cincinnati opiate/drug addictions non-profit awarded $10,000 national grant
10/04/2017 - 13:55 Hope Center Indy to expand programs with the help of $5,000 national grant
09/25/2017 - 11:45 HER Shelter's Sweet Haven Bakery to be awarded $10,000 grant
09/25/2017 - 10:00 Atlantic mother-daughter quilting team to receive a $10,000 grant
09/22/2017 - 11:46 Roanoke transitional womens center to be awarded national $10,000 grant
09/14/2017 - 15:32 Royal Neighbors awards Rock Island mom $15,000 to get Maddies Closet on the road
09/14/2017 - 11:32 Tulsa child development non-profit awarded national $13,000 grant
09/14/2017 - 10:39 Royal Neighbors presents $10,000-plus to Rock Island mom during special 10-year anniversary Nation of Neighbors(SM) ceremony
09/08/2017 - 13:52 Royal Neighbors to award $10,000 to Rock Island mom during special 10-year anniversary Nation of Neighbors ceremony
08/24/2017 - 11:45 Money matters for women aged 19-90
08/23/2017 - 10:28 Barbara Melbourne and Liz Merdian Lareau join the Royal Neighbors Foundation board