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Birmingham has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century. Characterised by a tradition of innovation, research at the University has broken new ground, pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and made an impact on people’s lives.

We continue this tradition today and have ambitions for a future that will embed our work and recognition of the Birmingham name on the international stage.

Universities are never complete. They develop as new challenges and opportunities occur. At Birmingham we innovate, we push the frontiers of understanding; we ask new research questions, we turn theory through experiment into practice – because that’s what great universities do.

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10/05/2018 - 17:40 Colin Diamond CBE joins University of Birmingham to create next generation of school leaders
10/03/2018 - 20:04 Birmingham scientist elected as Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering
10/03/2018 - 18:06 Birmingham and Hebei Universities plan joint environmental health and justice research institute
10/02/2018 - 19:30 University of Birmingham Dubai tackles big ideas and future of work
10/02/2018 - 19:07 Birmingham Energy Institute joins Worldwide Energy University Network
10/01/2018 - 18:40 Collaborative Teaching Laboratory welcomes first students
09/28/2018 - 00:21 Birmingham researcher receives prestigious award to develop innovative drugs for heart failure and diabetes
09/27/2018 - 14:35 Global success for University of Birmingham in latest World University Rankings
09/26/2018 - 13:07 University awarded 1.9 million for global heart research in China, Brazil and Sri Lanka
09/26/2018 - 12:40 Analysis of billions of Twitter words reveals how American English develops
09/24/2018 - 14:54 University of Birmingham Dubai welcomes its first students
09/24/2018 - 13:35 Tunisian women voice untold stories of repression through innovative art exhibition
09/21/2018 - 03:01 University of Birmingham signs joint initiative to develop HydroFlex the UK's first hydrogen train
09/19/2018 - 01:07 Greater commitments needed from universities to advance race equality, says report
09/17/2018 - 11:25 Tiny fossils reveal how shrinking was essential for successful evolution
09/17/2018 - 09:20 'The Machinery' to start in Ironbridge
09/17/2018 - 09:01 Survivors of sexual assault less likely to report it if they were drunk