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Zillow has stated that it is a media company that generates revenue by selling advertising on the Web site. In April 2009, Zillow announced a partnership to lend its real estate search engine to the Web sites of more than 180 United States newspapers as a part of the Zillow Newspaper Consortium. Zillow shares advertising revenue from the co-branded sites with the newspapers and extends its reach into local markets.

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10/09/2018 - 09:12 Suburbs in Largest Metros Often Carry the Heaviest Financial Burden
10/08/2018 - 15:44 Zillow to Expand Buying and Selling Homes in Charlotte and Raleigh
10/04/2018 - 13:28 Foreclosed Homes Appreciating Faster than Typical U.S. Home
10/02/2018 - 02:30 Zillow Signs Three New Canadian Listing Agreements; Will Advertise their Listings on Zillow.com
10/02/2018 - 01:02 New Homeowners Pay $40,000 on Average to Buy and Move into a New Home
09/26/2018 - 22:18 Zillow to Add Property Listings from RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc., One of Central Toronto's Largest RE/MAX Brokerages
09/26/2018 - 21:55 Millennials face greatest hurdles even as housing market begins to soften
09/25/2018 - 20:21 Zillow Signs New Canadian Listings Agreement with EXIT Realty Corp. International
09/20/2018 - 12:05 Rents Unchanged Year-Over-Year for First Time Since 2012
09/20/2018 - 12:00 Zillow Signs Listings Agreement with Right at Home Realty, Canada's Largest Independent Real Estate Brokerage
09/12/2018 - 20:34 A Decade After Housing Bust, Recovery is a Story of Location
09/10/2018 - 18:55 Zillow Begins Buying and Selling Homes in Atlanta
09/06/2018 - 03:51 Mortgage Burden Exceeds Historic Levels in 10 of the Largest U.S. Markets
08/30/2018 - 13:55 One Dollar Will Get You the Most Space in Memphis and Oklahoma City
08/28/2018 - 13:08 U.S. Will Become a Buyers Market in 2020, According to Experts
08/23/2018 - 11:31 Home-Value Growth Slowing in Nation's Hottest Housing Markets
08/21/2018 - 12:59 Homeowners Can Pay Nearly $9,500 per Year in Hidden Costs
08/20/2018 - 03:44 First-Time Home Buyers Can Save a Down Payment the Fastest in Chicago and Dallas