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Federal Logistics Information System Portfolio Team, DLA Logistics Information Services 

Visitors to the Web-based version of the Federal Logistics Information System known as “WebFLIS” are being asked to view information on improvements projected to be implemented in August.


The information is intended to prepare all interested parties as WebFLIS moves to a new platform and introduces several enhancements. According to Vicky Sandberg, the FLIS Data Product/Services manager, data from what has been known as Restricted WebFLIS will be offered alone on one site while the services offered through what was known as Public WebFLIS are relocated to the DLA Logistics Information Services’ Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room.


“Not only are there millions of items, but when one considers how many variations there are for many of those parts and supply items, it’s easy to see why having the most detailed and timely information is important to ensure you are ordering the right thing,” she said.


Sandberg explained that the enhancements for those using the restricted service include:


-- Changes to the main query screen to eliminate scrolling.

-- Addition of searches for characteristics, bill of materials, and historical data.

-- Single and multi-search fields will gray-out when not available for use during a search.

-- Inclusion of proprietary item data.

-- Tab format for easy navigation.

-- Two new fields – Item Unique Identification Indicator and Company Name/Part Number – are added, along with associated help definitions.


Those using the new restricted WebFLIS will require either a Common Access Card, External Certificate Authority or Federal Bridge card to meet the controlled access requirements. Current registered users of restricted WebFLIS will need to follow the instructions they receive to re-register. Pre-registration for the new restricted application is scheduled for June through the Account Management and Provisioning System.


Since 2001, WebFLIS has offered users the latest item information on National Stock Numbers through an online interface with the FLIS database. Besides the stock numbers, WebFLIS also provides essential information about supply items including the item name as well as data on manufacturers and suppliers, including part numbers. This capability provides users with a view of near real-time data that is especially useful to the military forces supported by the Defense Logistics Agency.


The shift to the FOIA Electronic Reading Room for public access will also bring a change from the current Public WebFLIS tool to a PUB LOG FLIS Search application. The WebFLIS site will be offering PUB LOG FLIS Search information and instructions as the material becomes available so users can become familiar with it prior to the transition of Public WebFLIS.


Customers who developed an automated process to query and download multiple items of supply from Public WebFLIS will not be able to retain this type of capability with PUB LOG FLIS Search. Since customers will be required to input a Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart when using PUB LOG FLIS Search, automated search processes will be restricted.  Using PUB LOG FLIS Search, the customer will be able to view or download 3 National Stock Numbers, or 5 National Item Identification Numbers or 27 part numbers within a single query.  Customers requiring larger volumes of information can subscribe to web services by contacting for additional information. 


Please visit the WebFLIS site at for updates on registration information. The FOIA Electronic Reading Room can be found at for those who will need the public information after the changes take effect. Assistance on these and other DLA products and services is also available through the Customer Interaction Center at 877-352-2255.

Screen shot: WebFLIS homepage
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Once the public’s access is moved to the FOIA Electronic Reading Room, the home page for WebFLIS will have a new look.
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