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Chicago - LITA announces an exciting new webinar Beyond Usage Statistics: How to use Google Analytics to Improve your Repository. Join presenter: Hui Zhang on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Central Time. Register now to reserve your space.
Librarians and repository managers are increasingly asked to take a data-centric approach for content management and impact measurement. Usage statistics, such as page views and downloads, have been widely used for demonstrating repository impacts. However, usage statistics restrict your capacity of identifying user trends and patterns such as how many visits are contributed by crawlers, originated from a mobile device, or redirected by a search engine. Knowing these figures will help librarians to optimize the digital contents for better usability and discoverability. This 90 minute webinar will teach you the concepts of metrics and dimensions along with hands-on activities of how to use Google Analytics (GA) on library data from an institutional repository. Be sure to check the details page for takeaways and prerequisites.
Hui Zhang is the Digital Application Librarian at Oregon State University Libraries and Press. He has years of experience in generating impact reports with major platforms such as DSpace and Hydra Sufia using Google Analytics or local statistics index. Other than repository development, his interests include altmetrics, data visualization, and linked data
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