Utah Actor Character Actor Dave Bresnahan in Nine Films in Nine Months

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Dave Bresnahan, an award winning journalist, broadcaster, filmmaker and actor has just completed working in his ninth feature film in nine months.

Sandy, UT, May 16, 2014 -(PressReleasePoint)- Dave Bresnahan says acting in films is his hobby, and it appears that making movies is a pretty busy hobby for him.

Utah actor Dave Bresnahan.

In addition to the nine feature films, he had staring roles in six different short films, he has voiced dozens of radio commercials, appeared in an international commercial for Samsung, filmed a local commercial for a tire store chain in Montana, and provided voice over for several corporate instruction videos as well as YouTube commercials. Plus he often donates his time to help make music videos and short films for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Although he had only a very small background role, he says his favorite project for the Church is a music video (LINK).

Plus he filmed and starred in three short films, one of which placed third at the recent LDS Film Festival, and the others are currently entered in numerous film festivals around the world.

The most fun short film that I've made is the Faranabrack Chronicles (link), which is a series of short comedy sketches based on popular Irish jokes. That one is currently entered in film festivals around the world. It was really fun to make, and hopefully makes people laugh. It's good clean humor for all ages,” said Bresnahan.

The list of films he has been in can be found in the International Movie Database website at http://www.IMDb.me/davebresnahan.

“I love what I am doing. It's fun because I get to play pretend like a little kid. One moment I can be serious and play a doctor, and another moment I can be a World War II soldier, or even more exciting, an Orc in the fantasy film Mythica: Necromancer. I've been many different characters, with some serious dramatic roles, and some that are funny. In fact, one commercial I did was just plain silly,” said Bresnahan.

That 30-second commercial shows him as Crazy Eddie, and it is indeed rather silly (LINK).

He said that Mythica was particularly fun because he had a speaking role as a soldier who had a dramatic death scene. Then played another role in the film as an Orc.

“I was able to play two roles in the same film because the Orcs are in a mask, and that way I can't be recognized. It was pretty cool being a midievil soldier one day, and an ugly, scary Orc another day. My fantasy dream came true,” he exclaimed.

Voiceover acting and making commercials are part of his profession as a public relations and marketing consultant, but movie acting is just a hobby.

“I enjoy making films, and I treat it as a hobby. Playing minor roles in films is not very lucrative, but is certainly lots of fun. I love working with independent filmmakers in Utah, and enjoy the good work environment we have here. The movie industry in Utah is growing, and it's fun to be a part of it, even if it is just a small part,” said Bresnahan.
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