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UTLA Calls for Immediate Action on Deasy’s iPad Fiasco

UTLA calls on LAUSD’s Board of Education to take swift action to uncover the truth behind John Deasy’s iPad deals—as the media continues to uncover alleged improprieties in the way the District awarded contracts to Apple to provide iPads for all students, and to Pearson to provide curriculum on those iPads.

When the school board meets on Tuesday, UTLA will ask board members to push immediately for the most thorough investigation possible.  UTLA is deeply concerned about possible illegalities and possible collusion between the District and private corporations in this billion dollar technology plan.

Educators are troubled that Deasy is putting more power in the hands of private entities, and less in the hands of parents and the public.  There are educational and budgetary implications for this Deasy trend.  With the possibility that bond funds and general funds will continue to go toward the iPad deal for years, students will be shortchanged.  To date students have not had much access to the iPads.

UTLA is very concerned about the reported email streams from Deasy and former Deputy Superintendent Jaime Aquino to Apple and Pearson—before the contracts were awarded. This is a perfect example of Deasy driving through his pet projects in a pattern of autocratic decision making, and now we have Deasy’s MiSiS Crisis—another technology fiasco pushed through despite concerns by teachers, counselors and tech advisors.

Today students at Jefferson High were so frustrated by scheduling problems caused in part by MiSiS, they walked out in protest. 

UTLA renews its demand for a LAUSD Technology Committee that would include parents and educators.   UTLA first issued this demand in formal bargaining last week; we have not had a response from the District.

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