Vampires, Puppies, and Sharknado 2: The Cannes Film Festival's Movie Market

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The Cannes Film Festival is known for big stars and big premieres, but you may not realize it is also home to the Marché du Film, the largest film market in the world. Each year thousands of film professionals come to Cannes to buy and sell the films that will appear on theater and television screens around the globe. 

"I am personally here to learn," says Lloyd Kaufman, president and co-founder of Troma Entertainment. "But the Troma team is here to sell our movies, to find distributors, and make some money." 

Filled with a wide range of genre posters, from horror and soft-core porn to animated family features, it is clear that the films on display in the market are very different from those in contention for the Palme d'Or. "You walk through the market and you are going to see titles that you would never imagine in your life," says press agent Gary Springer.  

"I think this is where it becomes apparent that not all movies are destined to have an audience or indeed deserve and audience," explains Charlie Bloye, chief executive at FilmExportUK. "It is important for people out there to realize that there is a winnowing process that goes on where a lot of people are selecting top quality films to present to them and, unfortunately, it means that some people's dreams are dashed at a market like this."

Approx. 2:30 minutes. 

Produced by Meredith Bragg and Austin Bragg. 

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  • Mint Berry Crunch|5.24.14 @ 12:51PM|#

    Troma still exists, huh? I think I've seen two or three of the Toxic Avenger movies. Maybe I should give one of their more recent films a chance. 2013's Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre looks intriguing.

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  • EDG reppin' LBC|5.24.14 @ 1:05PM|#

    Troma is going strong, and producing fine films. Lloyd Kaufman is awesome.

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  • Eric Bana|5.24.14 @ 1:02PM|#

    Was the first Sharknado so popular they had to make a second one?

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  • Mint Berry Crunch|5.24.14 @ 1:08PM|#

    Good question.

    I thought Sharknado was basically another Snakes on a Plane: a movie that was fun to hype before its release because of the title, but that ended up being a letdown to actually watch.

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  • |5.24.14 @ 1:38PM|#

    Snakes on a Plane was the most overhyped garbage to hit the screen. I was so psyched to go see it, and so disappointed afterward.

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  • Pathogen|5.24.14 @ 1:13PM|#

    It was a light hearted novelty act (as a matter of opinion), that didn't take itself too seriously. As for the need of a second one... that's certainly debatable...

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