Veteran Automotive Journalist Denied Credentials at 2011 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) Possibly Due to China Reportage

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Award winning Publisher of eMOTION! Believes Action Associated with China Reportage; Has Instructed Legal Representation to Ascertain Viability of Possible Litigation Based on Assertion/Assumption of Discrimination; Ancestors Fought on Side of Confederacy and in Revolutionary War For Immediate Release (Pressreleasepoint) January 10, 2011 Detroit – Veteran automotive journalist Myron D.Stokes, Publisher of eMOTION! REPORTS com ( an automotive/aerospace industries research and analysis site targeting professionals within the academic, media, corporate and government sectors, is today advising media and corporate colleagues he is being denied media credentials by North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) officials for reasons he considers specious and unreasonable. Stokes, an award winning (Detroit Press Club Foundation International Golden Wheel Award For Automotive Journalism) former Newsweek, Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International correspondent, whose experiences while there are outlined in the recently released analysis/memoir “Richard Holbrookes' World: Memories of a Newsweek Special Correspondent” ( says he agrees with one of his senior public relations consultants that “'Credentials are a privilege provided at the discretion and prerogative of the issuing entity', however, what is also true is that such an entity's relationship with media is a two-way street. “Yes, NAIAS officials may feel comfortable and justified denying me credentials, but I feel equally comfortable and justified bringing attention to the unfairness of these actions, and their demonstrable disrespect for me.” ERthunderbird.jpg Stokes presents former Ford Div. President Jim O'Connor with ER's first Car of The Year Award for Thunderbird at the 2002 Chicago Auto Show Stokes, having received Detroit Auto Show credentials since 1988 (the year before they went international) says he made every effort to work towards resolution throughout this past weekend, but ultimately decided no explanation of circumstances delaying submission of his credentials request, nor an abundance of easily accessible data demonstrating his media background, would change the denial decision. A decision, he asserts, was predetermined. “I have reason to believe this response is associated with the piece '2009/2010 Auto Industry Analysis: GM's Transition to China' ( ) and subsequent analyses”, Stokes says. “We are also aware of the role the Troy offices of Shainin, LLC, a 70 year-old problem solving, productivity enhancement and "profound knowledge" advocacy firm founded by Dorian Shainin with a vision not dissimilar to that of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, may have played in this decision. It is utilized by NAIAS/DADA, GM and aerospace firms, among others, with global offices inclusive of Shanghai. (full disclosure: Stokes is acknowledged as one of the researchers in the recently released publication Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) Vision Working Group Report and Scenarios; introduced during a joint news conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on 7/30/10 in Washington, D.C, and which contained an industrial base/geo-strategic scenario originally entitled “Battle of the South China Sea 2011”. He also provided automotive and aerospace industrial sector research for the United States China Economic Security and Review Commission's ( 2006 Annual Report to Congress) “In recent months, a significant number of people associated with the China auto sector, inextricably linked to its government, have come aboard Shainin. We tracked their interactions with NAIAS/DADA over the course of several days, and it is telling that within 90 minutes of Shainin offices accessing/downloading the documents “GM's Transition to China” and the “United States China Economic and Security Review Commission's 2010 Report to Congress”, a second email denying credentials was received. (note: one of the search terms input by the firm on yahoo! was myron stokes emotion with the following result: Google search: 2010 Auto Industry Analysis 5 and 10 of 98,000,000 ) “Sherlock Holmes was fond of saying to Watson, 'When you have eliminated everything it isn't, what remains is what it is.” eMOTION_award_1184.jpg ER Publisher Myron D. Stokes Presents Ford Marketing Executive Francisco Codina with award for 2006 Lincoln Zephyr/MK-Z at Chicago Auto Show Image: Ford Possible Pursuit of Legal Remedy Stokes is concerned enough by the NAIAS' failure to approve credentials - despite their having no reason to do so – that he has instructed New York and Chicago-based legal representation to ascertain the viability of pursuing litigation based on the assertion/assumption of discrimination. “Denying rights, privileges and services to just one person while providing same to thousands, still meets the classic definition,” Stokes says. “Indeed, whatever the NAIAS-stated reasons, whichever of their self-crafted criteria for determining credentials issuance viability I've ostensibly violated, if I don't qualify as a journalist, than neither do at least 70% of those in attendance for the Media Preview this week.” The Irony of Denial and Ancestry Stokes reflected on the irony of this current imbroglio: “It is truly ironic, if not maddening, that I don't 'qualify' to be at NAIAS this week, considering that in 2007, as part of the much needed efforts to expand Cobo Hall for the Auto Show, my team had secured a USD 1.2 Billion Letter of Intent from a major Wall Street investment banking firm to acquire the funds needed for expansion, while simultaneously limiting the financial exposure of the City of Detroit. “Toronto-based Magna Corporation was entertaining overtures from two Detroit area groups seeking either to move NAIAS to a Magna supported Romulus, MI, entertainment complex adjacent to Metro Airport, or keep the show in its historical and appropriate, home, downtown Detroit. I was to fly with DADA executives inclusive of Rod Alberts, on the Republic Bank Beechcraft King Air, but due to a scheduling mix-up, my colleagues and I were conveyed the wrong departure times. Upon arrival at Pontiac-Oakland airport, we were advised of our aircraft's departure an hour before. However, thanks to the immediate and expert intervention of an associate of Hoot McInerney, another King Air was prepped within 45 minutes, and we were able to keep the Magna meeting, though separate from the DADA group, whom we met with briefly upon arrival at the company's headquarters.” Stokes, a descendant of Civil War veterans who fought on the side of the Confederacy, themselves offspring of Revolutionary War Continental Army regulars, believes that a resolution to this unfortunate state of affairs can be accomplished yet today, as outlined in a recently sent communication to NAIAS/DADA officials. “I have always respected the executives and support staff of NAIAS/DADA, but there is an element within right now causing me distress, embarrassment and angst. We are nevertheless willing to do whatever is necessary and appropriate to restore balance to a clearly fractured relationship.” # # # ER_logo_erp_com_1.gif About eMOTION! eMOTION! ( is an automotive/aerospace industries research and analysis site targeting professionals within the academic, media, corporate and government sectors. The site also created a pathway through which white papers and other scholarly works such as "Crisis On Asimov: A Vision of 2085" by national security strategist Dr. Sheila Ronis; "Quantum Parallel: The Saint-Hilaire Quasiturbine as the Basis For Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Systems" and "Super-Globalism: Strategies For Maintaining a Robust Industrial Base Through Technological, Policy and Process Improvement", could be presented to a broadened yet specific audience. Publisher Myron D. Stokes is an award winning veteran automotive/aerospace industry analyst and spent several years as an industry correspondent for Newsweek, Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International. His work as an journalist with special emphasis on business and technology has been published in a variety of other major print mediums including the Detroit News, Changing Times Magazine, Auto Week and corporate publications. Over the years, he has provided major corporations and media groups with “deep background” analyses that have helped shape the direction of some of the most significant news stories and industry strategies After outlining a strategy to expand industry coverage for NewsweekNewsweek International edition); the difficulties then facing Japan’s auto industry and the comeback of the Big Three (<>Newsweek Japan). In recent years, he has covered some of the most recognized stories in automotive, aerospace and general interest. These include the Kirk Kerkorian Chrysler takeover attempt; the GM C/K truck controversy; the U.S./Japan trade issue (Newsweek Japan) which required significant interaction with then Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown;data for Newsweek cover story (4/95) on Airline Safety; investigative analysis of possible collusion between the warring governments of Bosnia President Alijah Izetbegovic and Serbia President Slobodan Milosevic along with uncovering of plan to re-implement ethnic cleansing prior to Srebenica massacre (6/95); and the Oklahoma City bombing. His ability to thoroughly and accurately report and analyze issues of substance garnered himself and former Newsweek Detroit Bureau Chief Frank Washington first place in the coveted Detroit Press Club International Golden Wheel Award for Automotive Journalism in 1995. This competition, judged by professors from the University of Nebraska School of Journalism, included entries from 110 journalists in five countries. Business Week took second place. Stokes was also privileged to function as acting Detroit Bureau Chief for Newsweek. Stokes maintains strong interest in global affairs, and continues to be involved in a range of nation building and humanitarian/disaster relief efforts. Among these were acting as initial intercessor between UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the then warring governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia; an activity which helped lead to the cessation of hostilities in October 1999; the coordination of relief activities with US, European and Middle-East based colleagues subsequent to the Bam, Iran, earthquake of 2004, the Pakistan earthquake of 2005, and co-structuring of academic and industrio/economic base developmental programs with colleagues in Pakistan and India. Associate Publisher, Motorsports Editor, John T. Chuhran has covered motorsports as an award-winning journalist for more than a quarter century. From 1992-94 he served as Director, Media Relations and primary spokesman for Championship Auto Racing Teams, Inc. (CART) the governing body for the PPG Indy Car World Series. For more than two decades he has been a sports writer and editor for such media as The Philadelphia Bulletin, Gannett Westchester (NY) Newspapers, the Bridgewater (NJ) Courier-News, the Associated Press, United Press International, BBC Radio and the Reuters News Service. He has served as communications Manager (Product), Press Fleet Supervisor and Press Information Specialist of Mercedes-Benz North America where he was responsible for all motorsports and professional sports activities of the company. He also has been the primary media professional at a selective New York City investor relations firm where he optimized media exposure for several companies that launched IPOs and Secondary Offerings. During this time, he was also the de facto Media Relations executive responsible for all media activities of the Professional Sports Car Racing series (now known as IMSA) during the ownership of Andrew Evans. Currently, Mr. Chuhran manages the media centers at several NASCAR racetracks during event weekends, and he maintains extremely positive relationships with the motorsports media. He also continues to write as a contributing editor for motorsports outlets such as The Star (Mercedes-Benz) magazine. As a primary result of analytical accuracy and depth of content, ER yields notable Google search responses to quasi-generic terms such as "2010 Automotive Industry Analysis" (6,9 and 10 of 94,500,000 returns 12/13/10). Now approaching a decade of existence, The eMOTION! global team includes some of the most capable journalists,public relations specialists and analysts drawn from media, government and academia. 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