Video, Audio, Photos & Rush Transcript: Governor Cuomo swears in Anna Kaplan as the State Senator for District 7

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Video, Audio, Photos & Rush Transcript:...

Earlier today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo swore in Anna Kaplan as the State Senator for District 7.

VIDEO of today's event is available on YouTube here and in TV quality (h.264, mp4) format here.

AUDIO of today's event is available here.

PHOTOS of the event will be available on the Governor's Flickr page.

A rush transcript of the Governor's remarks is available below:

Thank you. Thank you very much. How exciting is today? Boy, you had some long program. Is there anyone in this room who has not spoken yet? Just you.

First, let's begin with a big round of applause for the person of the day, the person of honor, Anna Kaplan, Senator Anna Kaplan. To all my elected colleagues, they'll excuse me if I don't mention them by name, but the list would take another 20 minutes. I do want to point out a person who was extraordinarily instrumental in this campaign and really made a difference, and that is Jay Jacobs, who is a great county chair, and we want to thank him.

Also I want to point out, something that Anna said that caught my ear one of the first times I spoke to her about running. She said I have to check with my family. And that was right because Anna has been in elected office and you learn very quickly when you're in elected office that politics is a family affair. When you are in elected office, it involves your entire family. It takes time from them, it's a burden on them, you're in the house less, you attend fewer family events. I learned the hard way. My father was in politics for a long, long time. I'm from a different generation, he didn't ask the family if he was going to get involved in politics. He just said I'm running, you're putting up posters, don't ask any questions. But Anna said she had to talk to her family, and she's right. This is a family affair. And we want to thank Darren and Taylor and Sara for your contribution and for you doing it. Thank you very much.

Just a couple of quick points. I am very excited about Anna. She is going to be fantastic because she is a combination. The combination is the head and the heart. She's experienced, she knows her district, she knows the people, she knows what needs to be done. And the heart. She's in it for all the right reasons because she believes, she has the right motivation, she wants to make a difference. She is going to be a superstar.

Second, Judi Bosworth was exactly right, I now feel liberated with a Democratic Senate. We were already the most progressive state in the United States of America, but you ain't seen nothing yet with the Democratic Senate.

We are going to get right to work. We're going to protect a woman's right to choose with the Reproductive Health Act. Contraceptive Care Act, we're going to pass the Red Flag Bill, because this is insanity the gun violence that's going on. We're going to make it possible to actually vote without jumping through hoops and have an actual democracy agenda.

Next point, I've heard the Republicans' propaganda. It is all baloney, as we used to say in the old neighborhood. Actually, we didn't say baloney, but—

This Long Island delegation is going to represent Long Island. And Anna Kaplan and every Long Island senator is going to be able to come to this microphone two years from today and say there is no senate administration that has done more for Long Island than what they're going to do, period.

This is all garbage that the Long Island delegation is going to get sucked in by the New York City delegation and they're not going to fight for Long Island. These are some tough people. Anna is tough. I mean, nice, but tough. Nice tough. I don't mean to say tough, tough, you know, but a nice tough. No one is going to roll over Anna Kaplan. She's going to serve the people of Long Island.

We're going to fight for lower taxes. We're going to fight for a property tax cap, which is crushing people on Long Island. We're going to do more for the environment. We're going to expand the Long Island Rail Road. We're going to do more on economic development for long Island than the state of New York has ever done. That's what she's going to say.

And my last point is this, Judi mentioned it quickly. I was sworn in at Ellis Island a few days ago. Ellis Island is a peculiar place for the Governor of New York to be sworn in, especially since it's technically in New Jersey, but put that aside. I wanted to make a point on Ellis Island. And Ellis Island was the point that at this time with this federal government that is so hateful and so divisive, and is trying to divide and conquer—that's all this is. This is divide and conquer. It's not a new strategy, it's not a novel strategy, as a matter of fact it's an old and ugly strategy. But they're going right to the core of who we are. When they try to differentiate between old immigrants and new immigrants, black and white, gay and straight, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, they are going right at our essence, and they're trying to take our gift, which is our diversity and greatest strength, and they're trying to make it a weakness. We are not going to let them do that. In New York, we are all immigrants and we are all one. And Anna Kaplan is a beautiful model of the American dream and the American success story. That's what immigration is all about. Bringing in new talent that raises us all, and Anna Kaplan raises us all. Let's swear her in. Thank you.

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